India Carbonated Soft Drink, Energy Drink & Sports Drink Market - Industry Analysis, Trends & Forecast To 2027

India Carbonated Soft Drink, Energy Drink & Sports Drink Market - Industry Analysis, Trends & Forecast To 2027

Actual Market Research 01-02-2021 60 Pages Figures : 16 Tables : 7 Region : Asia-Pacific Country : India Category : Food & Beverages Beverages

1. Campa Beverages Private Limited

2. Manpasand Beverage Limited

3. Parle Agro Private Limited

4. PepsiCo India Holding Private Limited

5. Coca- Cola India Private Limited

The carbonated soft drinks are manufactured by two basic methods, like the premix system which includes mixing of all the ingredients and at the end the final product is been chilled and carbonated. The other system is the post mix system where the concentrated syrups containing all the ingredients required for preparing the beverages, except water and carbon dioxide is been prepared. The water used in this is separately chilled and then carbonated. This system is known to be proportioning system. These two components are blended in the required and closely controlled amounts and then at the end filled into bottles.

The Energy Drinks are mostly consumed by adults, these drinks are different from soft drinks and sports drinks. The soft drinks contain lower amount of caffeine, whereas in sports drinks have vitamins, sugar and carbs. Most of the energy drinks trend to have caffeine and vitamins as their main ingredients, this makes the drinks healthier. These drinks also claim to increase focus and to improve performance of the body. The sports drinks contain carbohydrate in the form of sugar and are flavoured instead with low-calorie sweeteners. The drinks intend to allow for quick hydration and absorption. These drinks are also advice to replenish glucose, fluids and electrolytes are lost during strenuous exercise. The main components of sports drinks are water, carbs and electrolytes, these are equally important for different aspects while exercising. Water and electrolytes are lost with sweat and it is important to lose them during exercise. The drinks are designed for improving exercise performances.

According to “India Carbonated Soft Drink, Energy Drink & Sports Drink Market Outlook 2027”,  The Indian energy drink market has crossed INR 1000 crores in 2021 which is expected to grow in double digits till 2027. Many companies are present in the Indian market as people are shifting more towards the healthy side of drinks. Health concerns have always been a major factor to the Indian consumers and so are the manufacturers who are trying to market the product with the same aspect.  Consumers pretend both energy and sports drinks as the same but both the products have vast differences. Energy drinks include a high amount of caffeine and other stimulating chemicals which keep the body energized. On the other hand, sports drinks are drinks that athletes take after the body gets dehydrated. The market of sports drinks is still at the nascent stage and the adoption is slow due to which the forecasted growth rate is at around 7%. So to make the consumers aware of the difference the manufacturers are promoting to create awareness by celebrity endorsements, promotional activities in various events and awareness campaigns. Red Bull dominates the Indian energy drinks market with more than half of the market in its pocket. In the coming years, more brands are expected to make their presence in the Indian market.

The report gives an in-depth understanding of the Carbonated, Energy & sports drinks market in India:
- India Non - carbonated Non - Alcoholic Beverage Market Outlook
- India Carbonated Beverage Market Outlook - Market size & Forecast
- Segmental Analysis - By Company, By Brands, By region, By End Users, By Flavour
- India Energy Drink Market Outlook
- Segmental Analysis - By Company, By Region, By End Users of Energy Drinks
- India Sports Drink Market Outlook
- Segmental Analysis - By Region, By Packaging, Sales Channel of Sport Drinks
- Competitive Landscape & Company Profile

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