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Actual Market Research & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary research and consulting company which provides all the information streams required to solve strategic, business and marketing problems. Actual is a “one-stop-shop” offering syndicated research reports, custom research solutions and marketing services for a variety of industry verticals. Actual brings value to its clients through high quality research and analysis which empowers them to make well-informed tactical strategic moves in the dynamic global market environment.

Actual Market Research supports the most comprehensive collection of over 175+ syndicated market research publications. Every project that comes to us gets senior-level attention at every step of the way. It's what delivers the insights that drive intelligent and informed decision-making by our clients. It's why clients come back to us when it's time for the next project.

On every product page we have mentioned the discounts for the current report. Repeat clients get 5% additional discount. So, requesting you to login with the same email address every time.

Due to the various time zones the timeline for delivery may vary. However, we strive to dispatch the electronic product in one business day or sooner after the confirmation of payment. Delivery of Hard Copy generally takes 5 to 7 business days after confirmation of payment. To ensure that emails we send you reach your inbox and aren’t mistakenly sent to your Spam/Trash folder

Electronic copy of the order will be delivered via email in one business day after confirmation of order and payment. To ensure that the email we send you ends up in your inbox and isn’t mistakenly sent to the Spam/Trash folder

For the successful delivery of your order please make sure that there is an adequate room in your inbox to receive large files and email account compatible with both PDF and Word document attachments. Additionally, email sent by us will not get stuck in spam folder.

You can begin with a keyword search using the Search and/or Advanced Search field on the top left corner of every page or browse the research report using our Report Store on the top of the page. The search generates the reports containing your keywords in the title, abstract or table of contents. You can also use Advanced Search to narrow your search by price, date published and geographic region. When you find a report of interest, click on the title to view the extensive product information, including a descriptive abstract and a table of contents.

You can contact our Customer Support using the form on the left of any page with report description or by any of the following means:

  • By Phone: +91 265-6551309/ +91 7878231309
  • By E-mail: info@bonafideresearch.com

Yes, we do provide custom reports; the pricing of the custom study depends upon the requirement. Generally it is in line with the syndicated ones.

There are numerous parameters for our pricing; it depends upon the time consumed to perform the study, contents of the report, report geography, industry etc.

For online orders, we accept payments through all the major Debit / Credit Cards, PayPal, Paytm etc. Moreover, you can download the quotation and proforma invoice from our website and initiate the wire transfer as account details are mentioned there. Once the payment has been received, we shall generate the invoice and report would be dispatched from our end. For any queries, you can contact the customer service from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm IST Monday to Friday.

You can request new password by entering your username or registered email address. The new password will be sent to the email address used during registration. You can also contact customer service between 9:00 am to 6:30 pm IST Monday to Friday at +91-7878231309 for assistance with any of your account information.

No! You don't need to create an account by registering on our website for browsing our research database. Registration is only required if you want to purchase any publication from our website. Your user account will automatically be created at the checkout if you are not registered with us. It is advised that you register with us for enhanced user experience. You can access your account section by clicking on "Account" link located on top right hand side corner once logged-in. In your account area you will be able to see your order history, wish list and contact details.

Actual Market Research is a platform which offers syndicated market research reports. These reports feature quantitative and qualitative research on various markets, industries, countries and companies. The formats and lengths of reports may vary with each type of publication. The majority of our reports are stand-alone studies conducted by various market research firms, which are available in different formats like PDF and electronic access.

No Shipping charges on the printable copies of the Report.

The report will be emailed to you in PDF format; the single user license allows 10 authorized users access to the product. Access to the content will be granted to authorized user within the organization. The authorized user may store, display or archive the information but is not allowed to print, copy or use any information in the report for circulation or citation purpose. The individual user will treat the information in the report as confidential and will only use this for internal purpose.

The printed copy of the report will be couriered to you; the hard copy license allows all the authorized users access to the product. The Authorized User may store, display or archive the information but is not allowed to further print, copy or use any information in the report for circulation or citation purpose. The individual user will treat the information in the report as confidential and will only use this for internal purpose.

The report will be emailed to you in PDF format; the site license allows access to the content to all users within the organization in the specific geography. The users are authorized to store, display, duplicate, archive the information within the organization either electronically or printable files. The users are not authorized to use any information in the report for citation and circulation externally. The users will treat the information in the report as confidential and will only use this for internal purpose. E.g if the report has been purchased by MNC headquartered at Singapore so the usage would be limited to Singapore office only, they cannot send the report to the same company in any other country.

The report will be emailed to you in PDF format. This is an enterprise license, allowing all employees in all geographical location within the organization access to product. The company can use the data / information externally but they need to mention source as Actual Market Research.

Due to the type of information provided in our reports, Actual Market Research unfortunately cannot accept returns of products once they have been delivered. We request you to please be sure to read all available information about a report before you place your order. In case you have any queries about a report’s coverage or relevance, simply contact us for expert assistance from an Industry Analyst.

In case, should a report qualify for return, we will issue a credit of equal value to the original purchase price, toward a future purchase—no refunds. The decision about whether the product return can be accepted or not is solely at our discretion.

You will receive your Report 48 Hours after you have made the full payment.

Yes, we have introduced Multi-Language Integration in our website.

If you want a printed copy of the Report, please add 250$ extra when purchasing a Single User/Site License of the Report and we shall provide you with the hard copy of the same.

A Single User License Report is best suited for students who wish to study the market, Individuals who want to research the market.

The billing address and name would be of the organization for Enterprise Wide Licenses.

Yes, you can change your registered mobile number by logging into your account and updating the same over there.

CATI stands for Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing. Just as computers have replaced the clip board and questionnaire in face-to-face fieldwork, CATI has replaced traditional telephone interviews.

No! We do not sell specific sections of any Report.

Published reports will be sent/ dispatched within 24 to 48 hours after receiving the full payment. Delivery timeline of a customised report may vary depending upon the client’s needs and requirements. For the delivery timeline of upcoming reports, you may contact our sales team.

Reports get updated within a period of six months to an year. You may contact our sales team for more information.