Health issues prove to be the major driver for the declining growth of carbonated drinks market in India: Actual Market Research
Mar, 01

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Health issues prove to be the major driver for the declining growth of carbonated drinks market in India: Actual Market Research


Increasing obesity amongst children, people spending a lot to stay fit and healthy, high disposable income, increasing purchasing power of the customers, growing awareness among the people, health benefits from the fruit juices are some of the declining accelerators in the Indian carbonated drinks market. According to recently published report of Actual Market Research "India Carbonated Drinks Market Overview" presence of the global players like Coca Cola and PepsiCo have affected the Indian carbonated drinks market affirmatively. The market has grew at the CAGR of more than 20% and Thumps up and Sprite is leading the race. Keeping the price sensitive nature of Indian consumers in mind, the leaders are introducing their drinks in smaller packs so that it turns out to be feasible to the rural segment as well as the middle classed people in the urban segment. Pricing and packaging strategies adopted by different companies are also playing a major role in generating sales. New entrants are also trying to come up in this segment with some innovative ideas to acquire and stand up against market players having their dominance in this segment. But with many health issues being associated with the intake of carbonated drinks on a regular basis is declining the shares of the carbonated drinks even though it is dominated by the global firms. Though the carbonated drinks are loaded with sugar and devoid of nutritional value, carbonated soft drinks continue to be the most popular beverage in India. One recent study directly connected the consumption of sugar sweetened drinks and childhood obesity. Obesity among young children is one of the major concerns among Indian parents as they are addicted to junk food and drinks. As the consumption levels are static or declining in many of the developed world, the suppliers are targeting emerging economies such as China and India in search of growth. The health concerns have been taken care of by the manufacturers by introducing many variants of the fizzy drinks in Indian market. Organic food is also an emerging concept in the Indian market wherein people demand natural and healthy food in India. The beverage drinks contain fructose corn syrup, which has been associated with an increases risk of metabolic syndrome. This condition elevates risk of both diabetes and heart diseases.