United Kingdom (UK) Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) Market Research Report, 2027

United Kingdom (UK) Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) Market Research Report, 2027

Actual Market Research 29-06-2022 60 Pages Figures : 8 Tables : 19 Region : Europe Country : United Kingdom Category : Lifescience Pharmaceutical

The United Kingdom is one of the nations with both modern parliamentary practises and an industrial revolution. The country has a population of around 66.79 billion. The country is rich in a number of natural resources like coal, tin, limestone, iron ore, salt, clay, etc. Construction, agriculture, services, and tourism are the major sectors that make the country rich. The United Kingdom is a nation made up of a combination of historic England, Wales, and Scotland, as well as Northern Ireland. England, Wales, and Scotland also make up the nation known as Great Britain. The UK pharmaceutical market is also known to be among the global top 10 national markets. The United Kingdom is also home to two of the world’s top fifteen companies, known as GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Astra Zeneca.

According to the Actual Market Research report title, "UK Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Market Overview, 2027," it is perceived that the UK API market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.57% during the upcoming forecasted years. The UK API market is being observed on the basis of three types of market, specifically synthesis type, on the basis of therapeutic application and on the basis of the manufacturer. Amongst all the synthesis types of market, it is being summed up with the synthetic and biotech APIs, where the biotech API is being estimated to gain ground in the UK API market, whereas, on the other hand, the synthetic API market is estimated to show a dominating position every year.

Furthermore, the market is observed on the basis of therapeutic application where the market size for API is about to show an increase in terms of CAGR of more than 8% from the oncology application. According to sources, it was observed that every 1 in 2 people has a risk of getting a lifetime cancer infection in the country. Meanwhile, on the manufacturer side, captive API is gaining traction as more and more companies invest in API manufacturing facilities. Merchant APIs are gaining ground slowly and steadily in the UK API market, as there are some rare APIs which cannot be found in the nation. As a result, the United Kingdom's API export partner is the United States. This partner is stated to be the third party. It is also estimated that this partnership will increase exports. Thus, the future for merchant API is expected to grow by more than 6% CAGR.

The major boost in the API market globally came into existence with the outbreak of COVID-19. At this point, every nation was undergoing the numeric levels of crisis and also observing the loss of their citizens' lives. Therefore, to protect the citizens of the economy, every country started manufacturing the APIs and also started importing the APIs, like the UK. The UK market observed growth in the API market during this time. Many APIs were produced and experimented with. During COVID-19, the NHS helped to manage demand for drugs by ensuring clinicians did not write unnecessary prescriptions for a longer period of time and also giving the patients clear advice about the appropriate use of the drug. During COVID-19, vaccines were required to be tested. The vaccines were made up of the various APIs that led to the curing of COVID-19. So, with the support and cooperation of the stakeholders, the UK nation contributed to testing and diagnostics. This improvement in the methods and production capabilities will allow the UK to be the global leader.
Furthermore, almost 41% of all pharmaceutical products are exported, whereas 30% are for domestic sale. The remaining substances are the substances that are being used in the production of the other pharmaceutical products.

Considered in this report
• Geography: United Kingdom
• Historic Year: 2016
• Base year: 2021
• Estimated year: 2022
• Forecast year: 2027

Aspects covered in this report
• UK active pharmaceutical ingredient market
• Application wise API market analysis
• Various drivers and challenges
• On-going trends and developments
• Top profiled companies
• Strategic recommendation

Based on synthesis type of API in the report:
• Synthetic API
• Biotech API

Based on therapeutic application type of API in the report:
• Communicable diseases
• Oncology
• Diabetes
• Cardiovascular diseases
• Pain management
• Respiratory diseases
• Other therapeutic application

By Type of manufacturer in the report:
• Captive API
• Biotech API

The approach of the report:
This report consists of a combined approach of primary as well as secondary research. Initially, secondary research was used to get an understanding of the market and listing out the companies that are present in the market. The secondary research consists of third-party sources such as press releases, annual report of companies, analysing the government generated reports and databases. After gathering the data from secondary sources primary research was conducted by making telephonic interviews with the leading players about how the market is functioning and then conducted trade calls with dealers and distributors of the market. Post this we have started doing primary calls to consumers by equally segmenting consumers in regional aspects, tier aspects, age group, and gender. Once we have primary data with us we have started verifying the details obtained from secondary sources.

Intended audience
This report can be useful to industry consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, associations & organizations related to pharmaceutical industry, API manufacturing industries, government bodies and other stakeholders to align their market-centric strategies. In addition to marketing & presentations, it will also increase competitive knowledge about the industry.

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