North America Dietary Supplements Market Research Report, 2027

North America Dietary Supplements Market Research Report, 2027

Actual Market Research 28-06-2022 70 Pages Figures : 21 Tables : 22 Region : North America Category : Food & Beverages Food

1. Nittan Company Ltd.

2. Basf SE

3. Svolt Energy Technology Co. Limited

4. Pfizer Inc.

5. Viatris Inc.


Dietary supplements are products designed to augment consumers' daily intake of nutrients, including vitamins, proteins, probiotics, and minerals. Many dietary supplements are safe and offer significant health benefits, but some pose health risks, incredibly if overused. Dietary supplements include amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, probiotics, herbals, botanicals, and animal extracts. For example, large doses of vitamin B3 can help raise good high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol. At the same time, folic acid has long been used to reduce the risk of a congenital disability called Spina Bifida (congenital disability in which an area of the spinal column doesn't form properly, leaving a section of the spinal cord and spinal nerves exposed through an opening in the back). People can get all the nutrients needed from a balanced diet. However, supplements can provide extra nutrients when the diet lacks, or certain health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, chronic nephrosis, or chronic diarrhea trigger a deficiency. Most dietary supplements are safe as long as large doses of certain nutrients can have adverse effects. Even overdose on specific supplements, risking severe harm and death. Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) can also lower the benefits of the anti-seizure drug Dilantin (phenytoin) and levodopa (used to treat Parkinson's disease), anti ophthalmic factorused with retinoid acne medications such as Accutane (isotretinoin) and Soriatane (acitretin) can cause vitamin A toxicity, Iron and calcium supplements can decrease the advantages of antibiotics, namely tetracyclines and fluoroquinolones, Vitamin C can cause diarrhea when taken in doses higher than the gut can absorb (but some patients can tolerate 5,000mg to 25,000mg per day), Selenium boron and iron supplements may be toxic if taken in large amounts.

According to the report titled "North America Dietary Supplements Market Research Report, 2027", published by Actual Market Research, The North America dietary supplements market size was at USD 55.13 Billion in 2021 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of more than 6% from 2022 to 2027.

The US dietary supplements market and Canada supplements market have emerged as leading markets for dietary supplements in North America. The energy and weight management application segment led the market for dietary supplements with a revenue share of more than 29% in 2021. Other dietary supplement applications include general health, bone & joint health, cardiac health, gastrointestinal health, anti-cancer, immunity, diabetes, lung detox/cleanse, and obesity. Offline subcategories, supermarket/hypermarkets, pharmacies, specialty stores, practitioners, and other direct-to-customer channels for offering dietary supplements. Supermarkets/hypermarkets contribute significantly to the sales of dietary supplements in North America, owing to their higher prevalence. Adult consumes most of the dietary supplements, yet specific individuals need them, significantly protecting against congenital disabilities. Women who may get pregnant should ingest 400 mcg of folate each day and 1000 mg of calcium either through food or supplements. Folate is a vitamin B9 required to produce genetic elements such as DNA. And calcium is used for the formation of fetal bones. 

North America dominated the global dietary supplements market and accounted for the largest revenue share in 2021 due to the increasing consumption of supplement products and well-being. However, the growing demand for preventive health products leads to a healthy and disease-free life and a rising number of fitness centers and health clubs.

Covid Impact
Social distancing and regular hand washing are the most effective and proven methods to reduce the risk and spread of the coronavirus disease. The lockdown has disrupted the product supply chain and raw material collection issues. Manufacturing facilities also shut down as coronavirus spread among laborers increased highly. To understand the link between nutrition and immunity and existing evidence on nutrient status, supplementation, and infection, consuming good quality diets is always desirable. This is particularly important during this pandemic. High-quality protein, fat, and carbohydrate sources can help maintain a healthy weight and good metabolic state. Adequate amounts of minerals and vitamins provided by a healthy diet help ensure sufficient numbers of immune cells and antibodies, which are essential as the body responds to Covid infections.

Major Companies present in the market:
Herbalife Nutrition, AMWAY Corp., Bayer AG, Pfizer Inc., GlaxoSmithKline plc., Abbott Laboratories, Glanbia plc, Archer Daniels Midland Company, Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc., The Bountiful Company, Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc., Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd., Stepan Company, DSM, BASF SE

Considered in this report
• Geography: North America
• Historic Year: 2016
• Base year: 2021
• Estimated year: 2022
• Forecast year: 2027

Aspects covered in this report
• North America Dietary Supplements Market with its value and forecast along with its segments
• Country wise Dietary Supplements market analysis
• Application wise Dietary Supplements distribution
• Various drivers and challenges
• On-going trends and developments
• Top profiled companies
• Strategic recommendation

Countries covered in the report
• Canada
• Mexico

Based on type of dietary supplementsin the report:
• Vitamins
• Minerals
• Botanical/herb supplements
• Amino acid & proteins
• Probiotics
• Others

Based on formulation type of dietary supplementsin the report:
• Tablets
• Capsules
• Powder
• Liquid
• Others

Based on end user of dietary supplementsin the report:
• Adults
• Infant/Children
• Pregnant women
• Others

Based on application type in the report:
• Energy & weight management
• Bone & joint health
• Immunity & digestive health
• General health
• Cardiac health
• Others

Based on distribution channel type in the report:
• Pharmacies & Drug stores
• Supermarkets & Hypermarkets
• Online retails
• Others

The approach of the report:
This report consists of a combined approach of primary as well as secondary research. Initially, secondary research was used to get an understanding of the market and listing out the companies that are present in the market. The secondary research consists of third-party sources such as press releases, annual report of companies, analysing the government generated reports and databases. After gathering the data from secondary sources primary research was conducted by making telephonic interviews with the leading players about how the market is functioning and then conducted trade calls with dealers and distributors of the market. Post this we have started doing primary calls to consumers by equally segmenting consumers in regional aspects, tier aspects, age group, and gender. Once we have primary data with us we have started verifying the details obtained from secondary sources.

Intended audience
This report can be useful to industry consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, associations & organizations related to pharmaceutical industry, food & beverage industry, cosmetic industry, nutrition industry, government bodies and other stakeholders to align their market-centric strategies. In addition to marketing & presentations, it will also increase competitive knowledge about the industry.

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