Global Insecticides Market - Industry Size, Share, Analysis, Trends, & Forecast To 2026

Global Insecticides Market - Industry Size, Share, Analysis, Trends, & Forecast To 2026

Actual Market Research 01-11-2021 120 Pages Figures : 58 Tables : 24 Region : Global Category : Chemical & Material Agriculture

1. UPL Limited

2. Adama Ltd.

3. Basf SE

4. Bayer AG

5. Dow AgroScinces


Insecticides work in different ways, some insecticides disrupt the nervous system, whereas others may damage their exoskeletons, repel them or control them by some other means. Insecticides are used for killing out arthropods pests from the crops. The three types of insecticides are ‘Systemic’, the type of insecticide is introduced into the soil for it to get absorbed by the plant roots, ‘Ingested’ includes rats and roaches and ‘Contact’, the type of insecticide that acts like bullets and only aims at a particular target to kill insects. It comes in different forms like sprays, gels and baits. The insecticides are classified into four groups, those are Organic insecticides, Synthetic insecticides, Inorganic insecticides and Miscellaneous compounds. Organic insecticide, a pesticide that uses only natural components to kill bugs. This is not a true insecticide, but rather a repellent. It can be made from different materials, but what many people most appreciate about this is that they are a relatively safe form of pest control in most cases. Types of organic insecticides are, Insecticidal Soap, Nicotine and Plain Water. Inorganic insecticides are made from heavy metals and arsenic compounds such as boric acid and silica gel. Types of inorganic insecticides, Systematic Insecticides, Contact Insecticides, Ingested Insecticides and Herbicides.

The most commonly used insecticides are the organophosphates, pyrethroids and carbamates. Historically, the category of synthetic organic insecticides has been divided into one of four major chemical groups: organochlorines, organophosphates, carbamates and pyrethroids. The most used insecticide is, Neonicotinoids. They are used in over 120 countries and have over 140 different crop uses. They are mainly sprayed over soil and are predominantly used for seed treatments. In this way, neonicotinoids are taken up by all parts of the plant as it grows. It protects crops from Homoptera, Coleoptera, and Lepidoptera family.

The recent addition of Actual Market Research, under the title of- Global Insecticides Market Outlook, 2026, the overall of insecticides market is likely to cross a value of USD 18000 Million by the end of the forecasted period. As per research countries like China and India in the Asian region, highly depend on agriculture and that brings the increase of pesticides market. Use of insecticides is more in these two of Asia.

Major companies Present in Crop Protection Chemicals Market: 
1. Adama Ltd
2. Basf SE
3. Bayer AG
4. Dow AgroSciences 
5. FMC Corporation
6. Huapont Life Sciences
7. Nufarm
8. Sumitomo Chemical
9. Syngenta AG
10. UPL

• Geography: Global
• Base year: 2020
• Historical year: 2015
• Forecasted year: 2026

• North America
• Europe
• Asia Pacific
• Latin America
• Middle East & Africa

• Market Size by Value for the period (2015-2026F)
• Market Share by Application (Cereals & Grains, Oilseeds & Pulses, Fruits & Vegetables, and Others)
• Market Share by Region
• Market Share by Country
• Market Share by Company

This report would help you answer the following questions:
1. What is the market size and forecast of the Global Insecticides Market?
2. What are the inhibiting factors and impact of COVID-19 shaping the Global Insecticides Market during the forecast period?
3. Which region outstands in the Global Insecticides Market?
4. Which are the segments to invest in over the forecast period in the Global Insecticides Market?
5. What is the competitive strategic window for opportunities in the Global Insecticides Market?
6. What are the technology trends and regulatory frameworks in the Global Insecticides Market?
7. What are the major companies in the Global Insecticides Market?

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