Global Crop Protection Chemicals Market Overview Forecast To 2026

Global Crop Protection Chemicals Market Overview Forecast To 2026

Actual Market Research 01-11-2021 88 Pages Figures : 34 Tables : 25 Region : Global Category : Chemical & Material Agriculture

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1. UPL Limited

2. Adama Ltd.

3. Basf SE

4. Bayer AG

5. Dow AgroScinces


The rise of agriculture sector, the protecting measures for crops is also increasing. Since the beginning of the Green Revolution, weeds are one of the most important concerns for crop production. Weeding is an important factor practiced with many crops. Weeding means taking out the unwanted crops from the fields. It’s a traditional process used by farmers. With the modernisation of agriculture, old practices are no longer continued by the farmers, everyone has shifted to machines for cropping. With the new modernised ways in the agriculture market, there are many new crop protecting chemicals too. Chemicals like Herbicides, Insecticides and Fungicides are mainly used by the farmers nowadays.

Herbicides are used for killing or inhibiting the growth of unwanted plants. With the selective herbicides, the target in the weed is affected more than that of the crop. The herbicide is degraded more quickly within the crop. The types of herbicides are, Translocated herbicides, Contact herbicides, Residual herbicides, non-residual herbicides and Herbicide mixtures and sequential applications. Insecticides work in different ways, some insecticides disrupt the nervous system, whereas others may damage their exoskeletons, repel them or control them by some other means. Insecticides are used for killing out arthropods pests from the crops. The three types of insecticides are ‘Systemic’, the type of insecticide is introduced into the soil for it to get absorbed by the plant roots, ‘Ingested’ includes rats and roaches and ‘Contact’, the type of insecticide that acts like bullets and only aims at a particular target to kill insects. It comes in different forms like sprays, gels and baits. The insecticides are classified into four groups, those are Organic insecticides, Synthetic insecticides, Inorganic insecticides and Miscellaneous compounds. Lastly Fungicides are used for preventing the growth of pathogenic fungi. Some fungicides offer protection against the development of fungi and others cure the plant by eliminating the fungus. Since fungi is rapidly developed resistance to these chemicals, it is necessary to be able to draw on fungicides from different chemical classes and with different sites of action.  Few types of fungicides, Organic and Inorganic, Narrow and Broad spectrum, Single or Multi site and Preventive and curative.

As per the “Global Crop Protection Chemical Market Outlook, 2026” report, from 2015 to 2020, the global crop protection chemical market has witnessed a growth of 3.92%. With an increasing understanding of the correct usage of crop protecting chemicals, the overall global market is likely to be growing to a market value of USD 75000 Million by the end of the forecasted year of 2026. It is observed that corn, soybeans, wheat & cotton are the major users of pesticides. According to the research Asia Pacific is the highest contributor in the crop protection chemical market. Reportedly, in the year 2020, the segments of insecticides and fungicides amounted to be at the same market value of more than USD 16100 Million each, the fungicides & bactericides are likely to be growing with a higher growth rate in the forecasted period, and hold more market share.   

Major companies Present in Crop Protection Chemicals Market:
1. Adama Ltd
2. Basf SE
3. Bayer AG
4. Dow AgroSciences 
5. FMC Corporation
6. Huapont Life Sciences
7. Nufarm
8. Sumitomo Chemical
9. Syngenta AG
10. UPL

• Geography: Global
• Base year: 2020
• Historical year: 2015
• Forecasted year: 2026

• North America
• Europe
• Asia Pacific
• Latin America
• Middle East & Africa

• Market Size by Value for the period (2015-2026F)
• Market Share by Product Type (Herbicide, Insecticide, Fungicides & Bactericides, and Others)
• Market Share by Application (Cereals & Grains, Oilseeds & Pulses, Fruits & Vegetables, and Others)
• Market Share by Region
• Market Share by Country
• Market Share by Company

This report would help you answer the following questions:
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2. What are the inhibiting factors and impact of COVID-19 shaping the Global Crop Protection Chemical Market during the forecast period?
3. Which region outstands in the Global Crop Protection Chemical Market?
4. Which are the segments to invest in over the forecast period in the Global Crop Protection Chemical Market?
5. What is the competitive strategic window for opportunities in the Global Crop Protection Chemical Market?
6. What are the technology trends and regulatory frameworks in the Global Crop Protection Chemical Market?
7. What are the major companies in the Global Crop Protection Chemical Market?

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