Middle East & Africa Baby Car Seat Market - Industry Share, Size, Growth, & Forecast To 2027

Middle East & Africa Baby Car Seat Market - Industry Share, Size, Growth, & Forecast To 2027

Actual Market Research 27-07-2021 64 Pages Figures : 6 Tables : 35 Region : MEA Category : Consumer Goods & Services Appliances & Equipment

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1. Dorel Industries Inc.

2. Britax Child Safety, Inc.

3. Car Mate Mfg. Co., Ltd.

4. Clek Inc.

5. Diono Inc.


Middle East & Africa Baby Car Seat Market Definition

A baby car seat is specifically made for new born babies in order to protect babies or infants. By using this, the baby won't get injured or get lower injured during car accidents. It's a movable seat for a small child that attaches to a car seat that holds the child safely. The seat is capable to protect the baby from birth till the baby reach to 35 pounds.

Moreover, there are many kinds of baby car seat with different models with different featured varying from each other. Each time, thousands of infants are killed or injured in car crashes and so it's veritably important for a child to be safe during car accidents. The baby car seat helps in reducing the threat of baby getting injured. A baby’s neck isn't that strong enough to hold themselves which makes the baby car seat more salutary and more useful in situation like this.

The seat holds the baby’s head, neck and torso if any incident takes place. Adding to that, the head hugger helps in holding the baby’s head, and if the seat comes with a bumper, it even lifts the baby up to allow them to lie in a more natural position and will help prevent them getting ‘scrunched over.’ Satisfyingly, the baby car seat can also be used as a chair or a rocker for the baby if not as a car seat. Some car seats also have wheels, so it becomes easier for parents to take them outdoors without carrying them.

The loss of numerous infants because of the car incidents has somehow held the highest share in the baby car seat market. It not only protects the child, but parents can also walk freely outside with their babies using this car seat.

Middle East & Africa Baby Car Seat Market Overview

The recent publication of Actual Market Research under the title- Middle East & Africa Baby Car Seat Market Outlook, 2026 classified the market into baby auto seat types and deals channels, across regions and countries. In spite of the high- income position in Middle Eastern countries, the region needs to ameliorate the use of child restraint systems to reduce the prevalence of preventable injuries to passengers. The region could slightly manage to reach a share of 10% in the global market. In the year 2015, the market value of baby car seats in this region was at USD 427.30 Million, growth majorly held back due to the preference towards holding a child in hand rather than fasten them up.

Unattainability and expenditure cannot be cited as obstacle to use the baby seat in the region. Yet, the market is expected to fill with a CAGR of over 10%, considerably the highest rate globally. Many in the region still don’t see a baby car seat as one of the obligatory particulars in baby care products. Unfortunate enough that the people take the safety of their child much smoothly and trust fate rather than taking necessary preventives, the baby car seat is much favoured.

However, the child baby seats held a share of approx. 40% in the market, while the convertible baby seat could hardly curl up to USD 83.66 Million in the year 2015. Cost is the big advantage for the convertible baby seat as it can be modified along with the baby’s transition. As starting with convertible seats requires the purchase of only formerly, unlike the purchase of two seats if started with a child car seat, the segment is expected to grow with a CAGR of more than 11% in the coming period. The areas for enhancement include taking stoner primers for all seats, especially in the original language; taking that all car seats comply with globally accepted safety norms, especially for expiry/manufacturing dates.

With a provision for detailed instruction in the original language, the preference for the hypermarket & supermarket member holds more than half of the share in the region. Yet, with the adding time constraints, youthful parents are concluding for a virtual comparison over the physical touch & feel shops, allowing the online sales channels to hike at an expected CAGR of more than 17%. Given the harsh local climate, it would be important eventually for the marketers to introduce further kinds of CRSs in the market. In the Eastern Mediterranean Region, the WHO reports that only two countries have a public law taking child restraint use, Saudi Arabia and Gaza.

Indeed these two weren't rates as ‘good’, as per the Global Status Report on Road Safety 2013. Given that Qatar and the other Gulf Countries are HICs with acceptable coffers for enforcement laws and regulations, taking CRS use should be in place. Parents need to be educated about the significance of using a child seat and how it may save the life of their child. Numerous parents believe that the safest place for their children is in their arms when they travel in a vehicle. But in the event of a business accident, indeed at low speed, it would be nearly insolvable to hold on to a baby. Nurses are the stylish people to move parents that they should rather leave the sanatorium with their baby strapped into a child's seat.

The companies are fastening on new product developments, request expansion, and technological advancements, to sustain the request competition and increase the deals of the product. The companies are fastening on new product developments, request expansion, and technological advancements, to sustain the request competition and increase the deals of the product

Key Market Trends

The baby car seat is beneficial for both baby and parents. Parents can install this inside their car for their babies to sit comfortably while travelling. These seats prevent them from falling down or getting injured. To add to that, the car seat protects the baby holding their head, neck and torso and can also be used as a chair or a rocker for the baby. However, Parents like the facility of using a rear-facing infant car seat with a dual base.

Key Market Players

1. Dorel Industries Inc.
2. Goodbaby International Holdings
3. Graco Children's Products Inc.
4. Mothercare PLC
5. Car Mate MFG CO. LTD.
6. Britax Child Safety Inc.
7. Diono INC.
8. Infa-Secure Pty Limited
9. HTS Besafe
10. Clek INC

Considered In The Report
Geography: Middle East & Africa
Base year: 2020
Historical year: 2015
Forecasted year: 2026

Regions Covered:
Middle East & Africa
Saudi Arabia
South Africa

Aspects Covered In The Report
Market Size by Value for the period (2015-2026F)
Market Share by Product Type (Infant, Booster, Combination & Convertible)
Market Share by Sales Channel (Hypermarket & Supermarket, Speciality Stores & Online)
Market Share by Country
Market Share by Company

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