India Refrigerator Market - Industry Share, Demand, Price, & Forecast To 2027

India Refrigerator Market - Industry Share, Demand, Price, & Forecast To 2027

Actual Market Research 01-01-2021 92 Pages Figures : 28 Tables : 17 Region : Asia-Pacific Country : India Category : Consumer Goods & Services Appliances & Equipment

1. BSH Home Appliances Manufacturing Private Limited

2. Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Company Limited

3. Haier Appliances (India) Private Limited

4. Havells India Limited

5. Indian Fine Blanks Limited


India Refrigerator Market Definition

Refrigerator comes under kitchen appliances, this an open system that allay the heat from closed space to a warmer area. Allaying the heat means decreasing temperature and allowing the preserved things inside it to remain within a cool temperature. The types of refrigerators in the market are the Top freezer, the Side-by-side, the Bottom freezer, the French door, the Counter-depth and the Mini fridge. The top freezers are the classic refrigerators in the kitchen appliances market for decades now. These are known to be the cheapest ones in the market and the style is the most affordable option within the consumers. These come in both large and small sizes. The Side-by-side refrigerators feature a vertical freezer and the freezers that can sit next each other. The slim design and have limited space for storing food items. The bottom freezers are very popular in the market, which provide lager storage space in both the refrigerator and freezer sections. The French door refrigerator does not have a lower freezer setup, that means it has larger space to store food items. It mainly has two doors, but you can only open one door at a time. Few models have a drawer-style freezer, but some include French doors as well. The next is the Counter-depth refrigerators usually differ between 27’’ and 30” deep and making them easily blend with kitchen layout. The Mini fridge is a small cooling machine, providing space for smaller packaged food items. It’s a prefect choice for small kitchens, rec rooms, offices and etc. places. They are also available with options of having a different freezer compartment or double doors or even a glass front.

India Refrigerator Market Overview

The consumer durable industry is thriving with the increasing demands of the vast and diverse user base of the country. The sector has one of the important parts of the Indian economy and providing employment to millions of people and also improving the quality of life of people in the country. A refrigerator, popularly known as the fridge, is an electrical appliance that includes a thermally shielded compartment and a heat pump that transfers heat from the inside of the fridge to its external environment. This provides coolness inside the refrigerator by decreasing the temperature below the room temperature. A refrigerator preserves a temperature a few degrees above the water freezing point. The primary reason for having a fridge is to keep food cold. The cold temperature extends the shelf life of food and protects it from bacteria.

The market research report titled as “India Refrigerator Market Outlook 2027”, published by Actual Market Research, the sales of the refrigerators are anticipated to grow with a CAGR of more than 11% by the forecasted period. In India the market is classified into two product types like the direct cool and the frost-free refrigerators. The direct cooling refrigerators are dominating the market and frost-free are gaining more popularity among the urban households.

Regionally, the India refrigerator market is divided into north, south, east and west and as per research the north region is expected to hold the highest market share. The leading players in the market are LG and Samsung, these have a wide range of products in the market from a basic single door to a large volume bottom mount freezer and many other types of refrigerators.

As per sales segment the market will expand will online sales segment and because of the retail and traditional stores are gradually shifting towards technology, the market is expected to gain profits in terms of volume. Specially the Frost-free segment is in huge demand by the consumers in the market and many are replacing their old refrigerators with the new ones. With this the market is forecasted to have huge growth in the coming years. This is been governed by Samsung whereas the direct cool segment is taken over by LG.

Key Market Trends

For keeping our food items fresh and cool, we use refrigerators, these are one of the main kitchen appliances used by everyone in the world. The refrigerators are available in different sizes with different storage capacities. the major differences can be found in the doors and in the freezers. The different types of refrigerators like the Top freezer, the Side-by-side, the Bottom freezer, the French door, the Counter-depth and the Mini fridge are some of the popular models in the Indian market. these all have different features in-build and works for every consumer buying them. Few are small in size and few are big and have large shape for storage. The prices of same differs as per their size and the cheapest one in the market are the classic ones, which every consumer buy the most.

Key Players

1. LG
2. Samsung
3. Whirlpool
4. Godrej
5. Haier
6. Panasonic
7. Havells
8. Samsung

“India Refrigerator Market Outlook, 2026'” examines the following aspects of refrigerator in India:

Initially, refrigerator was considered as an opulence item but increased temperature and rise in disposable income has now made it an obligatory item in for home. Other elements fuelling double digit growth of refrigerators in India are rise in number of nuclear families, easy attainability of credit, evolving lifestyle, introduction of new models, technology expansion and increasing consumer awareness.

How it will help solving your strategic decision making process??

The report gives an in-depth understanding of the refrigerator market in India:

• India Refrigerator Market Outlook
• India Refrigerator Market Size By Value & Forecast
• India Refrigerator Market Size By Volume & Forecast
• India Refrigerator Market Segmental Analysis: By Company, By Product Type, By Target Demographics, By Region, By Sales Channel
• India Direct Cool Refrigerator Market Size By Value & Forecast
• India Direct Cool Refrigerator Market Size By Volume & Forecast
• India Direct Cool Refrigerator Market Segmental Analysis: By Company, By Capacity
• India Frost Free Refrigerator Market Size By Value & Forecast
• India Frost Free Refrigerator Market Size By Volume & Forecast
• India Frost Free Refrigerator Market Segmental Analysis: By Company, By Capacity
• Product Price & Variant Analysis
• The key vendors in this market space
• Competitive Landscape & Strategic Recommendations

This report can be useful to Industry consultants, manufacturers and other stakeholders to align their market-centric strategies. In addition to marketing & presentations, it will also increase competitive knowledge about the industry.

Report Methodology

The information contained in this report is based upon both primary and secondary research. Primary research included interviews with various channel partners of refrigerator in India. Secondary research included an exhaustive search of relevant publications like company annual reports, financial reports and proprietary databases.

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