Nestle Maggie, ITC Yippie together captured 80% of the market of instant Noodles market of India- Actual Market Research
Mar, 29

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Nestle Maggie, ITC Yippie together captured 80% of the market of instant Noodles market of India- Actual Market Research



Every person has a valuable share of memories with instant noodles. It might be their first-ever successfully cooked dish which they are proud of. They make an instant connection with a person because of their easy cooking style and recipe.

From a night out studies to long tour instant noodles were the backbone for the students, working people to cook easily and anywhere. Noodles have also marked a remarkable place as the most acceptable food from the tourist point of view. For any household or any function, instant noodles were the easy backup for friends and families. According to the recent publication of Actual Market Research- India Instant Noodles Market Outlook, 2026, the market has marked a value of INR 5000 Crores in the year 2019-20.

Apart from the standard flavors, companies are coming up with a new range of tastes and flavors, such as Chinese, the mix of masalas, etc. The consumers in India have become more health-conscious and that has opened an opportunity for the players to come up with a new segment of healthier noodles. Instant noodles made from white flour were considered unhealthy and players are coming up with noodles made from atta. The concerns about health are the major restraint of the market, the unhealthy ingredients, and the availability of other extruded snacks are restraints of the market.

By Distribution Channel, the market deals into Supermarket/Hypermarket, Traditional Grocery Stores, Online Retailing and Others. Apart from being an inevitable part of a grocery trip, instant noodles are seen as comfort food which is also highly demanded in cafes, small-scale restaurants, tea stalls, canteens, and others. In the urban areas, supermarkets/hypermarkets are the major channels of distribution of instant noodles. In urban areas, people prefer to buy instant noodles along with their daily groceries. The easy accessibility to these supermarkets/hypermarkets is also a major factor boosting the sales of instant noodles through this channel. Due to the changing customer preferences, players introduce new varieties in the market, supermarkets make sure they avail all these products to attract more customers.

As the demand for the cup/bowl pack segment is growing in the market the major players of the market such as Nestle Maggi, HUL Knorr, Tope Ramen, etc., have introduced it in the market. The segment is gaining popularity due to its convenient packing and easy preparation as compared to the packet noodles and the good taste. The growing urbanization, the busy schedule, and the ease of consumption are the major drivers of the instant noodles market in India.

The Indian instant noodles market is highly consolidated with few popular companies holding a huge part of the market share. Companies have been even coming up with various kinds of promotion strategies, such as price pay off, gifts, etc. to attract consumers’ attention. The prominent players of the market are Nestle Maggi, Unilever Knorr, Top-Ramen, ITC (Sunfeast Yippe), and Capital Food India Ltd (Chings).