India Instant Noodles-Pasta-Soup Market is going to touch revenue INR 13000 crore by the year 2025- Actual Market Research
Mar, 29

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India Instant Noodles-Pasta-Soup Market is going to touch revenue INR 13000 crore by the year 2025- Actual Market Research



Actual Market Research recently published a new report titled- India Instant Noodles-Pasta-Soup Market Outlook, 2026’ which states that the market is to double its revenue by the year 2025 around INR 13000 crore. India Instant Noodles, Pasta & Soup market covers three categories of ready-to-cook food namely instant noodles, instant pasta, and instant soup. With the rapidly changing lifestyles over the last couple of decades, ready-to-cook and instant food brands have become almost indispensable in the urban kitchens, as such easy-to-cook foods are great time-savers besides being easy on the palate, and also because they are greatly relished by children.

The Instant noodles market has already been penetrated and increasing gradually with expanding its market now in rural areas too. Instant noodles with its pricing strategy it has captured the market in rural areas and urban areas too. Soups were firstly served as an appetizer in the hotel but now as per companies' market strategy that they are healthy and have given quality products people are having soups now as their daily breakfast. Previously, pasta was considered a luxury in the country and eaten only on an occasional basis. But now it is making its way to Indian kitchens more rapidly than ever.

The key factors that are propelling the development of the market in India are increasing urbanization, evolving lifestyles, and growing demand for ready-to-eat goods. The sector is also driven by the rise in the job rate of women, combined with an increase in disposable income. In addition, customers are seeking organic food items with healthier ingredients, which has contributed to an increase in the market for whole-wheat and quinoa pasta. The longer shelf life and ease of preparation of these fancy foods are also providing a positive impetus to the market growth.

The instant noodles market in India was growing at a healthy rate for the last few years but Maggi MSG's lead controversy affected the category majorly with sales drastically reducing in FY 2015-16. However, Maggi pioneered the concept of packaged noodles in India three decades back and despite several brands entering the fray, it still dominates the space. Sales of packaged soup have witnessed a dramatic increase in the last few years. Besides the proliferation of convenience-driven lifestyles and the array of variants, advertising and marketing to have played significant roles in enlarging the category.

Foodservice companies are now providing a combination of Italian and Indian cuisine by cooking pasta and noodles with Indian spices in order to appeal to a broader customer base throughout the globe. Moreover, the expansion of online retail stores is another trend pushing the growth of the sector forward. Appealing discounts, a broad range of choices, and quick check-out gateways are among the main advantages that are leading customers to turn to online retail systems.

Some of the Most Important Key Players Involved in the Study are Nestle India Pvt. Ltd., Hindustan Unilever Limited, Bambino Agro Industries Ltd., ITC Limited, Capital Foods Pvt. Ltd., CG Foods India Private Limited, Indo Nissin Foods Ltd., MTR Foods Pvt. Ltd., Patanjali Ayurved Ltd., Savorit Limited