India Ready-To-Cook market contribute revenue more than INR 18000 Crore by the year 2025- Actual Market Research
Mar, 29

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India Ready-To-Cook market contribute revenue more than INR 18000 Crore by the year 2025- Actual Market Research



Growth of consumer segment in Instant and Ready-To-Mix food market increasing gradually with the adoption of a new trend of easy and quick food option. Over the past few years the rising trend of employment of work from home and hectic lifestyle preferring Ready-To-Cook market more and more. In past years only Tier I and some Tier II people were having an instant mix and ready-to-mix products. But, now due to the increase in disposable income and urbanization people are aware of these products and are eager to use them.

In this era of 2021 people is more concerned about convenient package food with more variants. From quality to a price point of view India Ready-To-Cook market will show a surge in the market by doubling the revenue from the current year 2020. According to Actual Market Research “India Ready-to-Cook market going to cross around INR 18000 crore revenue by the year 2025.”Due to fast-paced Urban Lifestyles and working women in the country, there would be a steep rise in the Ready-To-Cook market. The ready-To-Cook market includes four categories Instant Noodles, Pasta, Soup, and Ready-To-Mix market.

Among all the four categories, instant noodles have immense potential for future expansion due to their easy affordability by the common man across rural as well as urban areas. In India, there has been a major shift in the food habits of metropolitan consumers, as they prefer to have more instant food. The convenience factor has provided an impetus to the ready-to-cook industry in India over the past few years.

Modern Trade in the Ready-To-Cook market has witnessed a wide variety of products to capture a bigger market. Many Big companies have adopted their first Sales channel as a modern Trade to increase their market share. Due to Corona effect on the Market people are shifting from traditional to Online sales which increases the online market. Many companies are introducing their new products online so that people get aware of their new range. Modern Trade is going to capture the market in the Ready-To-Cook segment nearly around INR 6000 crore by the year 2025.

Due to the dual income earning factor and the increase of semi-urban areas, people ready to experiment with new products which will ease their work and life. The perception to have Ready-To-Cook food is increasing more because of its quality, healthy food, easy availability, ease to cook. In this modern era people the trend of “Joh dikhta hai, Wahi bikta hai” is more acceptable. MOMS- Meal Of The Moment came in 2017 with an idea of a ready-to-mix breakfast and rice segment by doing a campaign mostly on the internet and social media. Social media trends can capture the market more easily. Marketers are always looking for a medium which appeals to consumer fast. People’s craze in Instagram, an online e-commerce platform has surged the acceptance of new products from the market. Many RTC products are also used in the HORECA segment (means HO-Hotel, RE-Restaurants, CA- Cafeteria) where they can easily use mixes to attract customized tastes and preferences by the customer.RTC products are cost-effective, lighter weight, more variants are the pre-eminence for the India Ready-To-Cook market.