Zinc-Carbon battery segment dominates the India Dry Cell Battery Market - Actual Market Research
Jul, 07

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Zinc-Carbon battery segment dominates the India Dry Cell Battery Market - Actual Market Research



There are broadly three types of dry cell batteries available in the domestic market namely Zinc-Carbone, Alkaline & Rechargeable battery. In India, a major portion of customers is using Zinc-Carbon batteries because it is available in all sizes, and also their prices are the lowest one but their durability is not much longer. The shelf life of alkaline type dry cell battery is long then Zinc-Carbon battery type but at the same time it is costlier too. Rechargeable dry cell batteries are good because its disposal is less as they have more capacity with a compact size. 

People getting more aware of the longer durability of the alkaline batteries, increasing disposable income, increasing the living standard of people and the problem of disposal of dry cell batteries will drive the sales in the coming years. Dry cell batteries represent the cheapest source of portable power and are used in the majority of electronic gadgets. India suffers from a low per capita consumption across several product groups including dry batteries, indicating a latent potential for sustainable growth in this sector. 

The future of dry cell batteries seems to be optimistic as they are an item of recurring use and provide portable energy at an affordable cost for the daily purpose utility items. Cheap imports from China have no more proved to be a threat because of their inherent poor quality. Initially, these substantially low-cost Chinese products could attract due to price differential but their sustained use is unlikely due to poor quality. 

Alkaline batteries that dominate the global front account for the balance of the share in the Indian market. The reason for the dominance of zinc-carbon batteries is sheer cost. As most of the sales are from the rural segment, more priority is given to the price factor. Alkaline batteries are dominant at the global level, which is slowly getting absorbed into the Indian market. Indian consumers being price sensitive are less considerate about alkaline batteries as they cost almost thrice than of zinc-carbon batteries but they have a higher energy density and therefore serve better for longer usage. Alkaline batteries can be disposable or rechargeable, are generally 1.5 volts per cell, and are available in various sizes. The manufacturing facility is expected to increase in India with an increase in alkaline battery share. The leading players are also making efforts to bring the global trend to the Indian market with the passing of time.

As per the report "India Dry Cell Battery Market By Value, By Battery Size, By Battery Type (Zinc, Alkaline, Others), By segment (Organized & Non- Organized), Overview, 2020-2025" published by Actual Market Research the findings show that the Zinc-Carbon battery segment of the Dry cell battery market has been enjoying prominent positions in the market. Overall, the market has grown with a CAGR of above 4% in the last couple of years. The reason behind this growth was a person using more portable devices, which increases the use of dry cell batteries. This growth has also been largely supported by the organized segment of the market generating a major part of the revenue it has shown a growth of above 5% CAGR historically. The retail segment and distribution of the dry cell are largely dependent on general provision stores, grocery shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets, electrical shops, stationery shops, gift stores, printing centers, chemists' shops and even many of their products are available at the local pan shops in India with a market share of approximately 80-90%. This mode of trade will be reflecting in the coming years when the growth is higher than the current rate.

The trends of batteries in India show an increase in the production of alkaline batteries as well as rechargeable and compact dry cell batteries. Now customers are looking for good quality products in urban areas because they are slowly aware of the advantages of quality products.

The interest and demand for convenient portable items are the main consideration driving the dry cell battery market in the whole world market. The interest for a portable energy source dry cell battery is relied upon to increment over the estimated period, which is going to support the India dry cell battery market. Entrance into the alkaline and rechargeable battery types for dry cell batteries might be an enormous open door for increase market size. More compact and more powerful dry cell batteries are increasing their market share by year on year in India. New technologies are also available to charge your device with solar lights as well as AC supply.