Dry Cell Batteries & Flashlight showing a potential growth in Indian market - Actual Market Research
Jul, 07

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Dry Cell Batteries & Flashlight showing a potential growth in Indian market - Actual Market Research



Dry cell batteries are used in many applications such as toys, radios, flashlights, wall clocks, remote control, computer wireless mouse, and many other electronic products working with the support of batteries. The average power infrastructure in India, increasing use of electronic gadgets with portable batteries as a power source, low awareness of the rural segment, the price-sensitive nature of the rural segment would drive the Indian dry cell battery market and the flashlight market in the coming years. The demand is on an increasing stage. The concept of recycling used batteries is also one of the biggest factors affecting the Indian dry cell battery & flashlight market. Dry cell battery & flashlight being functional products, demand bears a very strong dependence on price. The volumetric sales are directly dependent on the increasing prices in India due to the price-sensitive nature of customers. The dry cell battery is segmented into zinc-carbon, alkaline & other technologies by chemical contains and ‘AA’, ‘AAA’, ‘D’, ‘C’ & ‘9V’ by size. 

A flashlight is a portable electric device that provides light and which runs on batteries. Usually, the source of light is a small incandescent light bulb or light-emitting diode (LED), the latter acquiring a major market in India. In addition to the general-purpose hand-held flashlights, many forms have been adapted for special uses. New forms are head or helmet-mounted flashlights designed for miners and campers to leave the hands-free, lantern-type lights used for a 360-degree lighting purpose, etc. The flashlights can be segmented into two types as per the source of energy; Non-Rechargeable flashlights & Rechargeable flashlights. In the rural segment, both kinds of flashlights are used. The non-rechargeable flashlight is used where the charging facility is not or less available while the rechargeable flashlight is used where the charging facility is fairly available.

Market Insights

As per the report "India Dry Cell Battery & Flash Light Market By Value, By Battery Size, By Battery Type (Zinc, Alkaline, Others), By Flashlight Type (Led & Non-Led), By segment (Organized & Non- Organized), (Trends & Forecast), Outlook, 2025" published by Actual Market Research, it is observed that the market has been growing at CAGR of above 4.5% historically. The findings show that the Zinc-Carbon battery segment of the dry cell battery market has been enjoying a prominent position in the market with its largest presence. At the global level, alkaline batteries and the rechargeable battery segment of the dry cell battery market have been continuously enjoying a prominent position with their very large presence. Findings for the flashlight show that an organized & unorganized market has nearly settle 60:40 market shares in the Indian market.

There is a good cumulative average growth rate in the flashlight & dry cell battery market in India, the reason behind this growth is that people are using more devices that are portable and for that, the use of dry cell batteries increases, as well as the use of flashlights, have got varied purpose such as exploration, patrolling, operation by armed forces, etc. The retail segment and distribution of the dry cell are largely dependent on general provision stores, grocery shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets, electrical shop, stationery shop, music studios, hardware shops, photo studios, gift stores, printing centers, chemists' shops, and even many of their products are available at the local pan shops in India with a market share of approximately 80-90%. This mode of trade has derived the market with its positive, which will be reflecting in the coming years when the growth is higher than the current rate.

The competitive landscape of the flashlight market in India consists of Eveready Industries India Limited, Panasonic Energy India Limited, AndsLite Private Limited, Indo National Limited, Bajaj Electricals Ltd, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting Limited, SSK Group (Syska), Ajanta Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. (Oreva), Havells India Limited Food Industries, etc as well as the competitive landscape of Dry Cell Battery market in India consists of Eveready Industries India Limited, Duracell India, Panasonic Energy India Limited, Indo National Limited, etc.

The trend of flashlight & dry cell batteries in India is an increase in the production of alkaline batteries, looking for a multi-featured flashlight; buy a newly designed flashlight, etc. Customers are looking for cheaper products and do not want that much quality because a major customer base still does not know about the advantages of quality products.

Innovations in the market

The interest and demand for convenient portable items are the main consideration driving the dry cell battery and flashlight market in the whole world as well as in India, as these dry cell battery use for portable devices, a secondary source of energy other than electricity, etc and the use of flashlights for surveillance, patrolling and as a source of light when electricity is not available, etc. The interest for a portable energy source dry cell battery and portable lighting source flashlight is relied upon to increment over the estimated period, which is going to support the India dry cell battery & flashlight market. Entrance into the alkaline and rechargeable battery types for dry cell battery and multi-features rechargeable LED flashlight might be an enormous open door for increase market size.

More compact and more powerful dry cell batteries are increasing their market share by year on year in India. Local players are doing a great job in the flashlight market. Rechargeable lantern with different features like FM, Bluetooth speaker, aux facility, and even some of them have a port for charge mobile phone. New technologies are also available to charge your device with solar lights as well as an AC supply.