Bathing soaps the first preference to every consumer when it comes to care for your skin.
Apr, 09

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Bathing soaps the first preference to every consumer when it comes to care for your skin.


Soap has been traditionally preferred by the consumers as a skin care products which is still ruling the bathing segment._x000D_
A better bathing soap comes with better cleansing and moisturizing properties. Soap is chemically called as fatty acid salt that is produced by the process called as saponification. where alkalies or salts react with triglycerides and glycerine is formed as a by-product. They are also milled or homogenized soaps usually offered by high end brands. According to Bureau of Indian standards The Total Fatty Matters (TFM) in a regular soap should be in the range of 40% to 60% while in a good quality bathing soaps it should be between 60% to 76%. It is believed that higher the total fatty matter content better the soap. Soap is considered as the staple in personal hygiene as we have grown up using soaps on daily basis for cleansing our face, body as it used to be a simple skin care solution for all. Soaps can get your skin with all sorts of benefits like make it healthier, moisturized, lighter, whiter and protect the skin from dirt, germs, and sweat that gets accumulated throughout the day. _x000D_
Market Insight_x000D_
Indian soap industry has variety of soap products such as premium, standard, herbal, deo, baby soaps which have huge consumer adaption. All these bathing soaps are a mix of fatty material and other agents like moisturizing cream, glycerine, or any other ayurvedic material. According to the report ?€?India Bathing Soap Market, By Value & Volume, By Types (Premium Soap, Standard Soap, Herbal & Health Soap, Deo Soap, Baby Soap), By Price Range ( <10 Rs, Rs 11 ?€“ 20, Rs, 21-30, Rs 31 ?€“ 40, Rs 41< ), By Fragrance (Lemon, Rose, Sandal, Neem etc.), By Sales Channel (General Retail, Multi-Brand Retail, Online), By Companies ( ITC, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Reckitt Benckiser etc.), By Brand (Lifebuoy, Santoor, Lux, Fiama De-Vills, etc), By Demographics (Urban, Rural), By Tier (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 and others), Overview, 2020-2025?€? published by Actual Market Research the soap products irrespective to their brands have country wide presence. The market has grown considerably over the last few year and is still going to dominate the bathing segment with effective CAGR of above 7% in the coming years. Innovation and introduction of new variants in the soap market will never let down the consumer demand for soaps in India. Among the number of variants standard soap which is also considered as beauty soap plays a major role in driving the market. There is large number of brands in India standard soap segment which mainly includes Lifebouy, Lux, Santoor, Liril, Mysore Sandal, Himalaya, Godrej no.1, Nirma etc. _x000D_
Consumers now a days have been more attracted towards herbal products in a way they have been the adaption of herbal soaps have been growing and is one of the fastest growing segment in this market. The herbal segment have been growing with a CAGR of above 11% in last couple of years. As the herbal soap made using ancient medicinal knowledge and traditions, are being rediscovered by consumer who is just as concerned with what goes onto their bodies. Dettol, Patanjali, Savlon etc are the major brands available in this category of market. Dettol a prominent brand of Reckitt Benckiser (India) limited has been associated with governments initiative of swatch bharat abhiyan in order to spread awareness among the rural people. The campaign run by the Dettol which have caught consumers attention for quite some time with the tagline ?€? Maa Mane Dettol Ka Dhula?€? Which have become synonym of the brand._x000D_
Normally Soap are available in each price range right from the a Rs 5/piece, Rs 10/piece to higher than 100/piece. This allows the consumers weather in rural or in urban to purchase the products with ease. Another advantage that this market enjoys is its high availability through the all nearby general retail store as such stores are available in every locality. Companies strategy with the combo pack offers, Buy one get one free offers and other discounted offers make the market even more attractive. _x000D_
Emerging Products In Market_x000D_
Deo soaps are one of the emerging soap markets in India. Deo soaps are the soaps to which antibacterial agents have been added to reduce oder causing bacteria. Young generation are more attracted towards the using of deo soaps which lead to increase in deo soap market. The major players in deo soap market are Cinthol, Nivea, Wild stone, Park Avenue, AXE, Fab India, Denver, Fiama Di Wills etc._x000D_
The rising health concerns and increasing educated parents will result in higher expenditure on baby hygiene products in order to ensure smooth baby development aiding growth in revenues of baby hygiene industry. Falling in prices of raw materials will incentivize manufacturers to reduce prices for personal care baby products in order to increase competitiveness and boost sales._x000D_