The hegemony of campaigns and social media, all you need to know about the European Diaper Markets : Actual Market Research
Mar, 11

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The hegemony of campaigns and social media, all you need to know about the European Diaper Markets : Actual Market Research


Whilst the revolutionary campaigns are creating sustainable recycling loops, the social media has always impacted the diaper market._x000D_
Europe, the old continent and the peninsula of the peninsulas, has the greatest developed economies of the world. It is also the home of one of the greatest revolutions of the world- The Industrial Revolution. In recent years, the continent is experiencing national crisis of declining birth and fertility rates. However, the government of the nations are making efforts to overcome it. Career consciousness and economic crisis are the prominent reasons why European women chose to have few kids. On the other side, the aging population of Europe with fewer births has became a matter of concern. This scarcity of newborns can alter the market for newborn nappies. The companies and their brands have only exception of other sizes as the babies are growing._x000D_
As per the latest market report, ""Europe Baby & Adult Diaper Market By Value, By Country ( Germany, U.K, France, Italy, Spain and rest of Europe ), By Product Type ( Disposable, Cloth, Training, Swim pants, Biodegradable ) , By Company ( Kimberly & Clark Corporation, Procter & Gamble, Unicharm Corporation Etc. ), Outlook ( Trends & Forecast ), 2025"" published by Actual Market Research, The European diaper market is growing at a pace of more than 5% (CAGR 2020-25) and will attain a value of US $ 17.77 billion at the year 2025. Thus, the market is growing at a slow pace.""The baby diaper segment seems to be lowering due to low births in Europe, but manufacturers are investing in adult diapers as the continent is experiencing increasing levels of adult incontinence."", says Deepak Tiwari, Research analyst at Actual Market Research. Thus, the continent is likely to experience flourishing market for adult incontinence products. In baby care, global brands such as Procter & Gamble with their brands Pampers & Dodot have made a remarkable image in Europe but the brands are also facing tough war from the private labels. _x000D_
In all this era of diaper war, the brand campaign have always played a vital role. In Italy, Procter & Gamble and Italian group Angelini are working together to recycle the dirty used diapers and convert them into plastic bottle caps and viscose clothing. This campaign will recycle about 20 million tons of used disposable diapers throughout the Italy which has became a large footstep in creating sustainable recycling loop. Recently, in France, a test report revealed that the French diapers contained chemicals to which babies are sensitive. This issue was presented in a French campaign of Little Big Change diapers which stated that their diapers are chlorine free, toxin free and perfume free. In the end, the babies had a revolutionary crying message ?€?In our nappies, no shit other than ours!?€? In Berlin, Germany a campaign name DYCLE was started in which used biodegradable diapers were collected from parents and were converted into black hummus which was used as organic fertilizer for plants and trees. This campaign encouraged the parents to switch to biodegradable diapers, gaining its demand in the market. Moreover, the brand leader, Pampers started a campaign, #Pamperspapa which encourages the dads to come out of their parenting shame. This voice was raised after Pampers found that parents were questioning their own parenting! All these campaigns have helped the Europeans to be free from social stigmas and also beware about environmental hazards._x000D_
Coming to the digital world, today every person is connected with digital sociality whether its Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media such as website blogs, podcasts, etc. All these have greatly helped the human to get aware about everything. In Europe, parents are more sensitive to social media and majorly parents buy products after viewing its reviews. This has helped the diaper brands as they can easily communicate by debate, discussions, feedbacks, etc. This has helped them to build intimate relationship with the consumers. Moreover, health care blogs have also helped the parents to choose the best quality for their bubs. Famous blogs such as Baby Centre, Sparbaby, Forever Amber, Dadventure, etc are posting newly updates for baby care. They also present the sales comparison for baby products such as diapers & wipes. Working parents can easily rely on these media so that they can buy the best quality for their kiddies._x000D_
Besides the technological developments, social media campaigns has always impacted the diaper market in all terms, whether it's about promoting the brand or negative reviews which demolish the repot of the brands._x000D_