Getting reskilled at work have become a popular trend and users making it as a casual approach with an advent of online education.
May, 05

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Getting reskilled at work have become a popular trend and users making it as a casual approach with an advent of online education.


Users are making most of the online education by enhancing their ability with reskilled certification courses and developing personal quotient with casual online learning._x000D_
Corporate leaders understand that employee?€™s turnover is very expensive. When organizations invest in employees, they are investing in much more than just their salaries. For an organization it is always an outline that the high turnover costs way more than we think, the cost of losing one millennial is estimated to be way higher. However, that same organization will have to spend additional money to interview, hire, and train an employee to replace the one that left. Over time, these costs can add up and affect the corporate bottom line. That?€™s where up-skilling training can come in an alternative to bringing in new staffers. Smart organizations can alleviate some of these financial pains by investing in tenured employees to retain them in organizations. Stellar employees, the ones with great morale and dedication are difficult to be retained in these days. Organizations themselves understood the value and benefits of having such ones on these premises. Recently the finance minister Nirmala Sitaraman have pushed for promotion of digital education with a technological driven education program called PM-eVIDYa. The government have tied up with the DTH channels like Tata Sky & Airtel. Under this initiative top 100 universities will be permitted to start online courses which will include the varsities like IITs, IIMs, institutes of eminence and national institutes. The state government is adviced to telecast the educational content on the SWAYAM PRABHA channels. _x000D_
According to our research analyst Mr. Deepak Tiwari of Actual Market Research The report titled ?€?India Online Reskilled Certification And Language & Casual Learning Market By Value & Volume, By Certification Types (Management Study, Health Care, Finance & Accounting, Art & Design, Technology, etc.), By Language (English, Spanish, German, etc.), By End User (Retail and Enterprise), By Course Duration (3 Months, 6 Months), By Devise Preference (Mobile, Laptop), By Brand (Simplilearn, Edureka, Imarticus, etc), By Payment Period, By Payment Mode, Overview, 2020-2025?€? The online reskilled & certification course is gaining popularity these days due to short duration and flexible availability. The segment is well expected to register a growth CAGR of above 29% in the coming years. Upgrading one?€™s knowledge while working and the constant hunger of learning new technologies to get scaled up in this competitive world is boosting the growth of certification courses in India. There is a number of technological online courses like python, machine learning, artificial learning, deep learning, big data, data scientist course, data analytics course, etc. non-tech certification courses like project management, human resource, content writing, SEO, business consultant, etc Increasing awareness about these courses are letting the interested people to get enrolled in them and scale up their knowledge. There are many organizations that fund their employees to go for this certification. This shows that the employees are competent and have a commitment to excellence. This reflects positively on the organization as a whole and enhances credibility._x000D_
On talking about casual or hobby learning which includes the learning of various languages, online music classes, dance classes, cooking classes, other skill development classes, etc. This has become a trending part nowadays in people's online learning in order to increase their personal development. It is expected that the segment will see a growth of around 42% in the next couple of years. A trend of language learning and other casual learning has been developing in India and the number of people is getting enrolled in such stuff. Nowadays the communication has been given an utmost priority whenever there is any professional talk, in the meeting, talking to foreign delegations, etc. Along with this, casual learning is high in demand The reason for such high demand is that apart from work people in India are looking forward to looking after their personal growth it can be with thinking of obtaining extra income to start independently a new business._x000D_
How are companies getting benefitted with online reskilling and certification courses?_x000D_
Indian IT services companies are the ones that have been in the news for major layoffs are reskilling employees on a war footing. Companies such as Accenture, Infosys, Tech Mahindra among others are making massive efforts to reskill and prepare employees for the future in order to make sure no one among the 4 million IT workforce is left behind. Global technology company Accenture has reskilled its 85% of its technology workforce in India for last five years. Accenture employees are being taught new IT skills such as digital, cloud, and security with Artificial Intelligence at the core. The model prepared with the approach developed through this step is basically invest the savings realized from automation and AL back into skilling. Talent transformation was a key element in this ?€?rotation to the new?€?._x000D_