The emanating Global trends will surge the Indian Fabric Care Market by 2025: Actual Market Research
Mar, 16

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The emanating Global trends will surge the Indian Fabric Care Market by 2025: Actual Market Research


Whilst the market is accounting a nascent stage, new trends and innovations will attract the consumers to switch their older versions to the newer ones._x000D_
There may be hardly anyone who is not aware of the term ""fabric care"". An English quote "" In difficult times, fashion is always outrageous"" resembles the importance of clothes. In the era of speedy communication, clothes always defines the personality of the person. Moreover, new innovations in fabric market has flourished the market with newer versions of textiles which endorsed the fashion world. With new clothes comes the newer washing ways which replaced the conventional ones. The traditional detergents were proven to wash the clothes but also harm the fabric fibre. Also, the detergents produced the lint from the fabric which reduced the shelf life of the clothes. All these emanate the necessity of fabric care products in the market._x000D_
The Indian subcontinent is always known for its culture driven practices. The traditional Indians wore khaadi (hand quilted cotton) garments which were whitened with the natural blue indigo plant powder but it was limited to some of the fabrics only. The modern Indians wear a range of fabrics from natural cotton to the synthetic like rayon, nylon, etc. All these fabric need an effective whitening solution as a complementary with detergents. The very first synthetic blue was introduced by Reckitt Benckiser with the brand name Robin Blue in the Indian markets but soon, Indigenous brand Ujala from Jyothy laboratories developed a violet vitriol liquid which replaced the Robin Blue and becoming the market leader until now. These fabric whiteners/blue were used by both- the rural & urban people._x000D_
On the other hand, The urban people demanded a solution to get rid off the fabric lint. The fabric conditioners were developed for this purpose. Initially, the very first fabric conditioners were developed for woollens only but with the emerging necessity, they were developed for all year clothes. The brand Ezee from Godrej consumer products limited was the very first brand to enter the market. Soon, the brand became famous with its tagline garam kapde rakhe naye jaise . The brand Vanish by Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd also became popular with its product Vanish Shakti O2 powder. The other brands such as Genteel, Bambi, etc. are also having consistent shares in Indian market._x000D_
According to the report titled ""India Fabric care Market By Value, By Segment ( Fabric Whitener / Bluer And Fabric Conditioner / Softener ) By Market Size ( Fabric Whitener / Bluer And Fabric Conditioner / softener ) By Company, By Brand ( Ujala, Ezee, Rin, Etc. ), By Sales Channel ( General Retail, Modern Retail, Online ), By Demographics ( Urban, Rural ), Outlook ( Trends & Forecast ), 2025"" published by Actual Market Research, the Indian Fabric Care market is expected to grow to INR 2211.5 Crore by the year 2025 registering a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 13%. According to Deepak Tiwari ,Research Analyst at Actual Market Research "" The fabric care market will achieve a healthy growth in future. Due to the emergence of global trends of using fabric conditioners, the people here in India, will get attracted and start using them. Moreover, new innovative products will flourish the segment.""_x000D_
New Innovations in Fabric care industry has relaxed the brands to develop new substitutes in order to run their market. Products such as dryer sheets, woollen balls, conditioner balls, conditioner capsules/pods, etc will enlarge the choice list of the consumers developing the market to a large extent._x000D_
Moreover, the efforts of the brands in bringing awareness about the fabric care products is noteworthy. Fabric care companies such as Hindustan Unilever Limited, Jyothy laboratories limited, Godrej consumer products Ltd., Reckitt Benckiser India, Marico Ltd., Dabur India Ltd., Wipro consumer care and Lightning Ltd. etc with their brands have always done social campaigning by demonstrating the effects of using fabric conditioner and how it prevents the lint formations. Vanish always demonstrated its product in consumer houses with its famous tagline "" Trust pink, forget stains"". The whitener brand Ujala demonstrated its product with economical consumption by "" chaar boondon wala Ujala""._x000D_
All these efforts will drive the Fabric care market in terms of new product and sales revenue. Moreover, Global trends and increasing fabric hygiene awareness will attract the people to buy complementary products such as fabric conditioners. Many brands are also hope to enter the market with ""products of the future"" _x000D_