Latest cheese farms may cheese off dairy giant with their various types of cheese in India. Actual Market Research
Mar, 24

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Latest cheese farms may cheese off dairy giant with their various types of cheese in India. Actual Market Research


Cheese farms are making cheese and making people to learn cheese is new trend in India cheese market as they are growing well from past few years. Some of them are La Ferme Cheese, Himalayan Cheese, A.B.C Farms, Acres Wild Farm, Cinnabar Farms, Exito Gourmet etc. _x000D_
Dairy farmers are moving away from traditional goods like curd, butter and ghee to produce special cheeses like Gouda, Brie and Camembert. Gourmet cheese has become an integral factor in the Indian markets. Indians were aware of only Cottage cheese, aka paneer, and Amul?€™s processed cheese for a long time. Even the imported cheeses were the processed variety only. An ever increasing number of Indians are fiddling with gourmet cheese making satisfying by local cheese heroes. In Indian cheese making some follow the European recipes, some others have come up with their own Indian versions of the popular ones. Artisan cheese, traditional chhena and paneer, processed cheese as well as locally made cheese inspired from foreign flavours Indian cheese entrepreneurs are hitting a high note._x000D_
Actual Market Research has stated in his report on 'India Cheese (Retail & Institutional) Market Outlook, 2023' that, overall market for cheese in India is going to fetch growth rate around 20% in next six years starting from 2017-18 to 2022-23. It will reach above 1,00,000 metric ton at the end of 2022-23 registering CAGR of 12% approximately. India cheese market is made up of retail cheese market and institutional cheese market in which later has dominance over former. Both are further divided into processed cheese and unprocessed cheese with further bifurcation of spreadable and un-spreadable cheese. Unprocessed cheese has market share more than 70% in both the market whereas remaining has secured by processed cheese. In India, unprocessed cheese means only Paneer which were consumed from past as only form of cheese._x000D_
Players offering cheese in India are Amul, Britannia, Go, Mother dairy which are dairy giants. But now the trend goes with emergence of cheese farms. Some of them are: _x000D_
(1) La Ferme Cheese started to develop a line of handmade farm cheeses for the citizens of Auroville in the year 1988. (2) Acres Wild- Owned by film maker Mansoor Khan who is credited with scripting and making the iconic film Jo Jeeta Woh Sikander, Khan set up his 22-acre farm in Coonoor (Nilgiri Hills) to produce organic gourmet cheese with the goal of shaping an eco-friendly, holistic and self-sustaining lifestyle (3) Himalayan Artisan Cheese which uses traditional Dutch techniques to produce cheese in the valley of Kashmir. They produce Gouda, Cheddar and Kalari which is a traditional Kashmiri cheese that has to be shallow fried and flavoured before consumption. (4) Exito Gourmet- Chandigarh-based Bocconcini maker was founded by Giuseppe Mozzillo, a cheesemaker from southern Italy which has specialised in Mozzarella di Bufala (mozzarella made from water buffalo milk). (5) ABC Farms which was founded in the year 1976, produces 70 varieties of natural cheese Pecorino goat cheese, alcohol cheese, Port Wine cheese, a vodka and cumin cheese, smoked ham cheese (6) Cinnabar Farms- Located in Kodaikanal, it was started by K. Balakrishnan and his wife which also teaching cheese making in their farms. (7) Flanders Dairy- founded by Sunil Bhu has started making Gouda followed by Mozzarella. Recently it produces Kwark, Ricotta, Scamorza, Bocconcini, and Mascarpone types of cheese. (8) Kodai Cheese- Founded in 1973 in Batlagundu in Tamil Nadu. It produces cheese like chilly, basil, pepper and garlic. (9) The Spotted Cow Fromagerie- founded by two brothers and make Brie and Camembert cheese under their own cheese name ' Bombrie' and 'Camembay' (10) The Cheese Collective which was started by Mansi Jasani,offers cheese made from goat?€™s milk from Karnataka._x000D_
Thus there are numerous players in cheese making competing with dairy giants to have significant market share. Many hotels, restaurants have tied up with them to supply them cheese on regular basis. _x000D_
Major Companies_x000D_
Major companies that operate into the Cheese market in India are Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited, Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Private Limited, Parag Milk Foods Limited, Prabhat Dairy Limited, Karnataka Cooperative Milk Producers Federation, Britannia Dairy Private Limited, Heinz India Private Limited, Kodai Dairy Products Private Limited, Milky Mist Dairy Food Private Limited, Arla Cheese, Fromageries Bel India Private Limited, The Spotted Cow Fromagerie, K?se Cheese Company_x000D_
Report: India Cheese (Retail & Institutional) Market Outlook, 2023_x000D_
Base Year: 2016-17, Estimated Year: 2017-18, Forecast Year: 2022-23_x000D_
Pages: 150, Figures: 46, Tables: 25_x000D_