Men's face wash market is expected to cross a market size of INR 1300 crore by 2023 in India: Actual Market Research
Mar, 24

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Men's face wash market is expected to cross a market size of INR 1300 crore by 2023 in India: Actual Market Research


Awareness of the latest trends, concern about appearances, increase in disposable incomes, long working hours leading to dull & tiring face and competitive environment at workplace will drive the men's face wash market in the upcoming years._x000D_
According to the recently published report of Actual Market Research, "India Face Wash Market Overview, 2018-2023", the face wash market of men is expected to reach at a value of more than INR 1300 crore by 2023. Growing concern towards looks and appearance, increasing competition at workplace, long working hours, stress & pollution which adversely affect men's skin often making their face look dull and tired, entrance of new players into this segment, etc are some of the drivers which will probe the market to grow. Additionally, face wash brand endorsement done by known celebrities like Bollywood stars, sport stars - influence a lot of youth who follow them. Also due to the presence of internet, e-commerce shopping has now become an easy option for men while sitting at home, office or anywhere. The desire to look well groomed, confident and to accomplish a focused edge over other male counterparts in career development instead of seeking attention from females are some of the major reasons which are pushing the face wash advertise development in India. _x000D_
There are numerous brands in the country which are available in the men's face wash category. Relatively every player has begun to enter into the men's grooming segment, seeing incredible request from their side. Brands like Himalaya Men, Fair and Lovely Max, Pond's Men, Nivea Men, Garnier Men, L'Oreal Paris, Fair and Handsome, and so forth have emerged out to be the leaders in various male grooming segments as well in face wash market. In rural part of the country, men have begun to utilize face wash more as often as possible than prior circumstances. Numerous companies have begun to reach to the nooks and corners of the nation to spread their products reach and benefits. Spending has turned out to be simple for rural populace as the face wash now arrives in a pack of sachet which is effortlessly reasonable to these shoppers. In addition, these young men in rural areas follow blindly to the Bollywood on-screen characters and duplicate whatever they wear and utilize. Impacts of western culture, demand of similar items that are utilized by the urban populace is expanding the face wash market in the rural areas also. Himalaya neem face wash is the largest selling brand of the country which contributes the maximum in the face wash market. The company has a strong distribution network with which it has reached to even rural villages of the country and is available in almost every small towns and outlets. However, brands like Pond's, Fair & Lovely Max, Garnier and Fair and Handsome are ahead of Himalaya in the men's category._x000D_
Major companies operating in the face wash market of India are Himalaya Drug Company Private Limited, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Zydus Wellness Limited, Nivea India Private Limited, L'Oreal India Private Limited, Patanjali Ayurved Limited and Johnson & Johnson Private Limited._x000D_
Report: India Face Wash Market Overview, 2018-2023_x000D_
Base Year: 2016-17, Estimated Year: 2017-18, Forecast Year: 2022-23_x000D_
Pages: 51, Figures: 18, Tables: 7_x000D_

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