Increased pesticide consumption will protect the growing food grains demand in India: Actual Market Research
Sep, 01

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Increased pesticide consumption will protect the growing food grains demand in India: Actual Market Research


The consumption of pesticides is at the bottom level in India, which is even lesser than world?€™s average. The per hectare consumption stand at 0.60 kg/ha in India where in China it is as high as 17kg/ha. The demand for food grains is ever rising in a country, which is world?€™s second largest in terms of population. Increasing awareness in farmers will call for adequate and significant consumption of crop protection products, which lead to improved yields that would be able to fulfill countries domestic demand for food grain. Crop protection is the science and practice of managing plant diseases, weeds and other pests (both vertebrate and invertebrate)that damage agricultural crops and forestry. Agricultural crops include field crops like maize, wheat, rice, etc., vegetable crops like potatoes, cabbages, etc. and fruits. The crops in field are exposed to many factors. Insects, birds, rodents, bacteria, etc may damage the crop plants. Crop protection encompasses Pesticide such as herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. The Agrochemical industry has transformed the agricultural landscape in India, benefitting the farming community in terms of better yields and crop performance. It is the onset of the agro chemicals era that helped India graduate from a food deficient to a food surplus country. The contribution of the agrochemical industry to the economic growth of the country over the past two decades cannot be undermined. India?€™s consumption of pesticides differs as the cropping patterns; climatic conditions etc are different from the world. However, it lacks behind when it comes to consumption of pesticides at an efficient level, which has a potential of increasing agricultural produce. The use of pesticide in India is lowest (0.60 Kg/ha) among all the developed and most of the developing countries. Japan-12.0 kg; Netherlands- 9.4 kg; Republic of Korea 7 kg; France-5 Kg; Italy- 4.17 Kg; Germany-2.5 Kg; Austria -2.4 Kg USA- 7 Kg; Taiwan- 17 Kg and Pakistan -1.3 Kg per hectare. It may be noted that, US is known to be most health conscious country, but as is scientifically required, per hectare use of pesticides in USA is nearly four times higher than that of India and the productivity of all crops in that country is much higher than India. According to recently published report of Actual Market Research "India Crop Protection Market Overview", crop protection market of the country is moving forward with a healthy CAGR. As the consumption of pesticides will increase, the end yields will be improved which will largely satisfy the domestic demand for food grains in the country. Taking awareness to the last farmer, countering misinformation campaigns, and improving local research and development are challenges that the industry needs to take note of. More help from the government in ensuring irrigation and credit to farmers, and a sagacious approach on the part of the industry can help propel the growth of the sector. Major companies operating in the crop protection market of India are UPL Limited, Bayer CropScience Ltd., Rallis India Limited, Syngenta India Limited and PI Industries Ltd.

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