Indian origin Dabur & Parle Agro are ruling the India juice market whereas foreign players PepsiCo & Coca Cola is not even expected to lead in 2021: Actual Market Research
Feb, 01

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Indian origin Dabur & Parle Agro are ruling the India juice market whereas foreign players PepsiCo & Coca Cola is not even expected to lead in 2021: Actual Market Research


Early entrance, knowledge about Indian know how, distinct marketing and promotional strategies, effective pricing strategy, availability of stock on the shelf of retailers, introduction of various flavours by the Indian consumers and celebrity based promotion done by the leading players are some of the factors responsible for the dominance. According to recently published report of Actual Market Research "India Juice Market Outlook, 2021", the juice market in India is majorly governed by the companies such as Dabur, Parle Agro, PepsiCo, Coca Cola, Godrej and many other small players. The major segment in the juice market is done on the basis of fruit content in each of them. Major players are trying to manufacture products in each of the segment that are namely fruit juice, fruit drinks and nectar drinks in India. Dabur which is an FMCG company is serving the beverage industry of India with its two most renowned brands Real and Real Active. Dabur majorly is a dominant player in the fruit juice and the nectar drinks segment. Parle Agro which is also an FMCG major serves the juice industry with its brands Frooti, Appy and Appy Fizz serves in the fruit drinks segment in India with a dominant share. Both these players collectively contribute to about 45.60% share of the overall juice market in India. On the other hand, if the foreign players are taken into account, PepsiCo which hails from a beverage industry entered the Indian market with its brand Tropicana and Slice which caters all the three segments of the juice market. Whereas, Coca Cola is also a part of the beverage industry also serves all the segments of the juice market with its popular brands Minute Maid and Maaza. Inspite of being from a foreign ground and segmenting all the three variants of the juice market, PepsiCo and Coca Cola combined fall short of shares when compared to the Indian originate majors in the juice market. Dabur and Parle Agro taken together lead the Indian juice market and in the coming five years are expected to dominate in the same manner. PepsiCo and Coca Cola are projected to acquire shares more than 40% by 2021 in the Indian market followed by the lead of the former mentioned companies. The stiff competition in the ever growing juice market in India has resulted into a high threat of new entrants in the market. Many regional players like Manpasand beverages, Hector Beverages, Shakti Ganga Group and ITC Limited with its various brands in the different segments are making it big in the Indian juice market. Keeping in mind the price sensitive nature of the Indian consumers the startups are innovating on the packaging strategy factor and also on the flavours that are best loved by the Indian consumers. As India is a tropical country and heat is experienced almost in every season, the juice market is projected to experience double digit growth in the coming years. Due to these factors, the small players have got an amazing opportunity to acquire shares in the Indian juice market in the coming years.