Latin America Baby Car Seat Market - Industry Trends, Demand, Opportunity, & Forecast To 2027

Latin America Baby Car Seat Market - Industry Trends, Demand, Opportunity, & Forecast To 2027

Actual Market Research 27-07-2021 63 Pages Figures : 6 Tables : 35 Region : South America Category : Consumer Goods & Services Appliances & Equipment

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1. Dorel Industries Inc.

2. Britax Child Safety, Inc.

3. Car Mate Mfg. Co., Ltd.

4. Clek Inc.

5. Diono Inc.


Latin America Baby Car Seat Market Definition

A baby car seat is specifically made for new born babies in order to protect babies or infants. By using this, the baby won't get injured or get lower injured during car accidents. It's a movable seat for a small child that attaches to a car seat that holds the child safely. The seat is capable to protect the baby from birth till the baby reach to 35 pounds.

Moreover, there are many kinds of baby car seat with different models with different featured varying from each other. Each time, thousands of infants are killed or injured in car crashes and so it's veritably important for a child to be safe during car accidents. The baby car seat helps in reducing the threat of baby getting injured. A baby’s neck isn't that strong enough to hold themselves which makes the baby car seat more salutary and more useful in situation like this.

The seat holds the baby’s head, neck and torso if any incident takes place. Adding to that, the head hugger helps in holding the baby’s head, and if the seat comes with a bumper, it even lifts the baby up to allow them to lie in a more natural position and will help prevent them getting ‘scrunched over.’ Satisfyingly, the baby car seat can also be used as a chair or a rocker for the baby if not as a car seat. Some car seats also have wheels, so it becomes easier for parents to take them outdoors without carrying them.

The loss of numerous infants because of the car incidents has somehow held the highest share in the baby car seat market. It not only protects the child, but parents can also walk freely outside with their babies using this car seat.

Latin America Baby Car Seat Market Overview

Parents in Latin America are less likely to buy or put their kids in car seats and who did have car seats are less likely than other parents to install and use them correctly. This issue created more problem which eventually turned down the market to not grow any more than 4% in the global market. However, according to actual market research report titled, ‘Latin America Baby Car Seat Market Outlook, 2026,’ the region was accounted for a market value of USD 153.16 Million in the year 2015.

However, currently, the developing countries in Latin America witnessed rapid urbanization which led to increase in expendable income and dual-earning facilities. Due to this, the market is expected to be boosting with a growth of CAGR of over 9% in the forecasted year 2026. Though the overall penetration is low in the region, the market is still dominated by the infant baby car seat type, which accounted for almost 30% of the total market. However, on the other hand, countries in Latin America like Brazil & Argentina, has lower birth rates which is a major concern in the market.

Increasing unemployment in these countries have eventually inhibited people for marriages & family planning this is likely to be a threat to the overall market growth, allowing the convertible baby car seat segment to reach a value of USD 63.80 Million, even though growing with a high expected growth rate. While half of the region is struggling with unemployment, the other half is enjoying rapid urbanization. This uneven distribution brushes off the possibility of ideal market growth. Moreover, the hypermarket & supermarket segment is accounted for nearly half of the market share.

Besides hypermarket and supermarket, the increasing urbanization has changed the medium for buying the product. E-commerce sites have taken place in the urban world and increase in online shopping behaviour is expected to change the market dynamics. And so, the online segment in the region is expected to grow over CAGR of 13%, which is considerably highest in the market. In 2010, the new Brazilian child restraint law came into force which was focused at stricter control over child motor vehicle occupant safety than most such legislation worldwide.

The market of the baby car seat in the Latin American region is led by Brazil, which held to 48.15% in 2015 itself. In January 2018, Argentina passed a legislative change that demonstrates that children under the age of 10 must travel securely on the back seat with an approved child restraint system suitable for their weight and size. Yet, it is incomplete because age is not a valid indicator for this type of situation: the valid measurement is height. Even though Columbians have been a victim of violent internal conflicts for the last 5 decades, the prime reason for the infant death rate is road accidents. The companies are focusing on new product developments, market expansion, and technological advancements, to sustain the market competition and increase the sales of the product.

Key Market Trends

The baby car seat is beneficial for both baby and parents. Parents can install this inside their car for their babies to sit comfortably while travelling. These seats prevent them from falling down or getting injured. To add to that, the car seat protects the baby holding their head, neck and torso and can also be used as a chair or a rocker for the baby.

However, the increasing innovation in technology has led to the expansion of considerably safe and satisfying baby car seats, which has led in increased sales and overall growth of the baby car seat market. To increase and fortify the safety of babies, manufacturers are also providing extra facilities and features such as anti-bound bars that gives a high grade of moderation and protection.

Key Market Players

1.Dorel Industries Inc.
2. Goodbaby International Holdings
3. Graco Children's Products Inc.
4. Mothercare PLC
5. Car Mate MFG CO. LTD.
6. Britax Child Safety Inc.
7. Diono INC.
8. Infa-Secure Pty Limited
9. HTS Besafe
10. Clek INC.

Considered In The Report
Geography: Latin America
Base year: 2020
Historical year: 2015
Forecasted year: 2026

Regions Covered: 
Latin America

Aspects Covered In The Report
Market Size by Value for the period (2015-2026F)
Market Share by Product Type (Infant, Booster, Combination & Convertible)
Market Share by End User (Hypermarket & Supermarket, Speciality Stores & Online)
Market Share by Country
Market Share by Company


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