Yoga accessories market to grow at 12% CAGR: Actual Market Research
Aug, 07

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Yoga accessories market to grow at 12% CAGR: Actual Market Research



The world is much familiar with Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, Restorative, Bikram yoga, Iyengar yoga, Kundalini yoga, Ashtanga yoga, and many others, these forms are a pick within a yoga studio. However, with the change in the world, the perception about yoga changed drastically and now more people are willing to try yoga outside a packed studio. The outside doesn’t simply include a lawn or riverbed, but some trailblazing styles test one's extremes, such as slackline yoga, horseback yoga, or the recent underwater yoga. The recent publication by Actual Market Research, named Global Yoga Accessories Market Overview, 2020-26, studies about this aiding props market at global level, segmented into by product type, by sales channel, by region & countries. As this ancient practice craves its own way into the 21st century, it is to drive the yoga accessories market with an anticipated CAGR of 12.10%.

While goat yoga is already a bizarre concept where goats are allowed to nuzzle and nibble while the yogis are practicing, what comes more bizarre is horseback yoga. Even though it sounds practically impossible, the trend is getting much popular, as it teaches one how to unite with an equine partner, through calming mind and conscious breathing. While such yoga styles are gaining more popularity, yoga clothing becomes the most important factor. This has been a factor for the clothing segment along with the yoga mat segment hold a share of over 90% in the market. If yoga practice is on hype, so is the pet adoption. It is true that dogs bring joy to lives, and so do into the yoga routine. Doga (Dog + Yoga) is a style of yoga connecting the practitioner with their dogs during their practice, by syncing their energies through poses, massage, and meditation.

Since the inception of yoga, it is considered to be filtering the toxicity of the body and give a better outlook of the world. However, the new trend that is gaining much popularity is ‘High Yoga’. As cannabis is now legal in a certain part of the world, many yoga practitioners are joining this duo. Part of the point of yoga is to relax the body, and marijuana helps a lot of people to do that. Also known as weed yoga, this form is in a dilemma.

Aerial Yoga is not a new introduction and is much common among models and female celebrities. A silk-like hammock provides a different opportunity to explore and expand the practice. From gaining more body mobility, decompressing the spine, strength building, etc the benefits list of this yoga form is endless. While Aerial yoga is preferred mostly by females, the counter gender opts for Broga. This form is designed specially keeping in mind the male practitioners and thus involving some heavy moves. Practitioners believe that these classes leave them feeling more energized and strong much like a gym routine, with an added flexibility and a peaceful mind. Many others out of the studio yoga include Aqua yoga, Acro Yoga, Hoop Yogini, SUP yoga, etc.

Even though yoga has its roots back in India, these newer styles are much popular in western countries. In the eastern region, yoga is still seen as a way to calm one’s mind in a peaceful environment and surrender self to the almighty. Although both the East and the West share a similar goal, there are still a few things that make difference such as the relationship between teachers and students, clothing, and yoga’s growing popularity. It’s important to remember that in the East there is still a gap in gender equality, so yoga teachers are very well respected. Classes in India do not play pop music nor will anyone wearing pricey yoga attire. People living in the East have much more traditional values as opposed to many living in the West. The practice of yoga is a science in the west while in the east it is a tradition that is passed down to generations.