United States (USA) Bathroom Fittings Market Overview, 2028

United States (USA) Bathroom Fittings Market Overview, 2028

Actual Market Research 31-12-2022 69 Pages Figures : 5 Tables : 10 Region : North America Country : United States Category : Consumer Goods & Services Household Goods

One of the main factors fueling market expansion is the rising awareness of sanitary and personal hygiene. The World Health Organization (WHO) claims that poor sanitary conditions are one of the leading causes of death, accounting for 60% of all diarrhea-related deaths worldwide each year. The demand for bathroom linens and accessories is being driven by the realization that maintaining good personal hygiene is essential to living a healthy life. Furthermore, the market is expanding due to consumer demand for sanitary bathroom accessories such as antimicrobial toilet seats. Therefore, over the projected period, the demand for bathroom accessories in healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and offices would be driven by the growing awareness about preserving personal and sanitary cleanliness. Increased spending on home improvement or remodeling projects is driving up product demand. This trend is primarily driven by rising home prices and historically low mortgage rates. Growing home values have doubled homeowner’s equity over the last five years, indicating an increase in spending capacity on home improvements. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), existing-home sales increased 10.5% year on year in August 2020, to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 6 million units. One of the major factors impeding market growth is the lengthy product replacement cycle. Branded, high-quality bathroom and toilet assist devices, such as sinks, toilets, shower units, towel rails, and rings and hooks, do not need to be replaced regularly. Furthermore, major manufacturers of bathroom accessories provide product warranties and guarantees, which extend the product's lifespan even further. This discourages the purchase of bathroom accessories regularly. As a result, the long replacement cycle for bathroom accessories affects sales, limiting the market growth. According to the research report, “US Bathroom fittings Market Outlook, 2028” published by Bonafide Research, the market is projected to add USD 2050.59 million by 2028. The country's growing number of residential and commercial properties, rising population, and emphasis on maintaining hygiene are all contributing to the US Bathroom fittings market. These factors are piquing consumers' interest and fueling the nation's rising demand for the product, which is anticipated to benefit the market's potential expansion. The fastest-increasing product categories in the US market are faucets and showers in particular. The cost eventually decreased and the profit margin subsequently improved due to technical advancement, making the market more lucrative as a result. All the bath fitting products in the US go through a third-party certification process to ensure they meet the US Environmental protection agency (EPA) criteria. There are many pipes and faucets in a bathroom that can become damaged. Damaged pipes or faucets can leak, causing the floor of the bathroom to become wet. As the large majority of bathroom floors are tile they become very slippery when wet. A victim may slip on the wet surface caused by the leak. Bathroom faucets are expensive because of the material, high-priced interior design industry, and multi-use functionality. Trendy designs and finishes are also what can impact the price point. If it’s a new design or newer model, its perceived value can and will be inflated by the company. Often custom designs that are either handcrafted or hand-sketched will impact the price. More expensive designs and finishes are often heavier to the touch and include sturdier material. These designs often include rose gold, brushed bronze, higher-end coppers, and brass. The reason faucets are so expensive is the functionality, and extra abilities added other than on/off features. Traditional and cheaper faucets will have a hot/cold water option that will turn on and off. However, newer faucets have added capabilities to enhance the homeowner’s experience. Some added capabilities thermostats on water temperature Wall Mounts and Water Thinner Push/Pull Levers. These factors are making the faucets more expensive and can prevent the growth of bath fittings. The bath-fitting sector in the US has become more and more well-known. In Pennsylvania in 1875, the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company was established. Indoor restrooms had just started to become common in urban and suburban areas at that time, made possible by the development of sewer systems. Plumbing and fixtures were concealed in early indoor bathrooms by wooden doors and cabinets. Open plumbing and visible toilets had taken over bathroom design by the time Standard Sanitary's The Evolution of the Bath Room was published in 1912, though. "Today's bathrooms are infinitely cleaner, stronger, and more effective." Additionally, the public health facilities that made them possible, such as sewers and access to clean water, saved lives. The market for bathroom fittings is anticipated to grow. The growth of the home construction and remodeling industries, as well as rising disposable income, housing space issues, and rising living standards, are all contributing to the steady growth of the bath fitting industry in the United States. The nation's need for bathroom fixtures is rising as a result of modernization and urbanisation An increasing number of consumers are expressing a demand for a spa-like experience at home, which is reflected in the increased construction of smart houses and smart bathrooms. Sensor-based digital faucets have a variety of features that help you save water and energy, including reduced tap flow, a digital temperature control system, touchless technology, infrared tap technology, and timed settings. Faucets are usually made of materials that do not corrode in time: most commonly brass and stainless steel. Less pricey models are often made of zinc alloys or plastic, which tend to wear out over a shorter period. However, carefully selected plastic and composite materials have advantages, especially when used in the outer bodies of bath and shower faucets, such as preventing the faucet surface from heating up. This improves safety. Retail enterprises have expanded the offline distribution route. Bathroom fixtures used to only be available at retail stores. These locations assisted customers in making choices from a variety of retail store goods. The rising demand for bathroom fixtures online was a result of suppliers strengthening the security and dependability of their online purchasing processes in response to the greater sales opportunity for these products through online channels. Bath Fittings are one of the most in-demand products as people embrace urbanization. The United States bath fitting market is segmented by faucets, showers, and other different bath fitting products. Additionally, the typical number of bathrooms in American households is rising, which is encouraging more people to employ modern plumbing equipment. In the previous fifty years, the average number of bathrooms per person in America has more than doubled. January 2020 blog post by The Atlantic claims that the proportion of homes with 10 or more bathrooms has increased in the last ten years. 32,000 of the 903,000 single-family houses finished in 2019 had one and a half baths or fewer, while 296,000 had three or more, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The demand for plumbing fixtures is anticipated to increase due to this trend. In the US, bathroom renovations are done for a variety of reasons, such as system upgrades, bigger showers, altered layouts, and wall, ceiling, and flooring modifications, among others. Upgrades to systems are the only one of them that constitutes a refurbishment. The growing market for bath fittings is a result of the rising need for restorations and system upgrades. This tendency is expected to lead to an increase in plumbing fixtures. Recent Developments The Delta VoiceIQ Technology, a new product from Delta Faucets that links with connected home devices to deliver the precise amount of water required and has features including metered dispensing and bespoke container commands, will be released in 2020. It is simple to remove calcium and lime buildup with only a touch on Delta shower heads, hand showers, and kitchen faucets with touch-clean spray holes. The soft rubber spray apertures of touch-clean faucets allow any mineral residue to simply be wiped away for an instantly refreshed look—without the need for soaking or the use of chemical cleaners—while other faucets may accumulate unsightly mineral build-up over time. COVID EFFECT The COVID-19 pandemic has been severely affecting various businesses in the United States, including the bathroom fixtures industry. Segments like sanitaryware and bathroom fixtures are largely classified as discretionary spending and have witnessed a deferment of demand due to an unexpected decline in renovation and refurbishment activity in the near term due to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, public health has become an urgent matter in the current climate. The architecture and interior design of bathrooms are taking a fresh look at their foundation. Now, in the context of COVID-19, these spaces could evolve when the current pandemic finally recedes. A new wave of innovations in the bathroom would ensure that it is cleaner, more hygienic, and more comfortable Considered in this report • Geography: US • Historic year: 2017 • Base year: 2022 • Estimated year: 2023 • Forecast year: 2028 Aspects covered in this report • US Bathroom fittings market with its value and forecast along with its segments • Various drivers and challenges • On-going trends and developments • Top profiled companies • Strategic recommendation By Product • Faucets • Showers • Others (Towel Rack/Ring, Hook, Grab Bars, Paper Holder, etc. By Distribution Channel • Offline • Online The approach of the report: This report consists of a combined approach of primary as well as secondary research. Initially, secondary research was used to get an understanding of the market and list out the companies that are present in the market. The secondary research consists of third-party sources such as press releases, annual reports of companies, and analyzing government-generated reports and databases. After gathering the data from secondary sources primary research was conducted by making telephonic interviews with the leading players about how the market is functioning and then conducting trade calls with dealers and distributors of the market. Post this we have started doing primary calls to consumers by equally segmenting consumers into regional aspects, tier aspects, age groups, and gender. Once we have primary data with us we started verifying the details obtained from secondary sources. Intended audience This report can be useful to industry consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, associations & organizations related to the Bathroom fittings industry, government bodies, and other stakeholders to align their market-centric strategies. In addition to marketing & presentations, it will also increase competitive knowledge about the industry.

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