Global Fire Alarm Equipment Market Research Report, 2027

Global Fire Alarm Equipment Market Research Report, 2027

Actual Market Research 29-08-2022 103 Pages Figures : 33 Tables : 69 Region : Global Category : Manufacturing & Industry Machinery, Parts & Equipment

1. Honeywell International Inc.

2. Gentex Corp.

3. Halma PLC.

4. HOCHIKI Corporation

5. Napco Security Technologies, Inc.


When smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, or other fire-related hazards are detected, a fire alarm system alerts people. These alarms can be set off manually using fire alarm activation tools such manual call points or pull stations, as well as automatically by smoke and heat detectors. Alarms come in the form of wall-mounted sounders, horns, or mechanised bells. They can also be speaker strobes that flash an alert and then play an evacuation message warning occupants not to use the elevators. The recent publication of Actual Market Research under the title – Global Fire Alarm Market Research Report, 2027 provides an in-depth market analysis of the Global Fire Alarm industry. One of the top objectives across a range of industries and sectors is fire alarm systems. These verticals have made significant market investments as a result of this emphasis during the past few years. The use of numerous electronic gadgets and other equipment reliant on power and electricity has expanded due to growing commercialization, industrialization, and urbanisation, which has raised the danger of fire mishaps. A fire alarm system notifies people when any fire-related emergency is detected. These alarms can get activated manually with call points or pull stations, or automatically from the smoke detectors and heat detectors. The overall market is to cross a value of USD 6400 Million. These alarms can be motorized bells or a wall mount sound. The fire alarms also come in form of a strobe with a voice message which warns the people to evacuate and avoid elevators. Depending on the nation and manufacturer of the device, fire alarm sounders can be adjusted to certain frequencies and different tones, including low, medium, and high. In Europe, the majority of fire alarm systems produce an alternating siren-like sound. Horns are electronic fire alarm systems that may be set to different codes or be continuous, and they are called as such in the United States and Canada. Devices for fire alarm warnings can also be adjusted for volume.This report covers the detailed insights of the equipment based on product category- Conventional Fire Alarm Panels, Addressable Control Panels, and others. It also included insights along with the value analysis of the fire alarm market. The report also mentions the competition of leading companies that are involved in the manufacturing of fire detection equipment. The report is classified into 5 regions and 19 countries, along with their local rules & trends. Users can enhance monitoring and administration of several systems from a single point of control by integrating these systems. Integrated systems may be more economical since less resources are needed to handle numerous systems from a single location. Users could also be better equipped to react quickly in an emergency. Integration with a mass notification system is very advantageous. In the case of a fire or other disaster, safety personnel can efficiently communicate important announcements to building inhabitants. Similar to this, integrating with a fire alarm system can aid building inhabitants in safe evacuations since systems can be set up to automatically unlock locks in the case of a fire. Numerous organizations, including the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), have created and established a number of strict standards connected to fire alarm that all nations must adhere to in order to reduce the rising number of fire incidents. The producers and designers of these fire alarm systems are encouraged and enabled by these strict regulations to introduce technologically sophisticated detection systems that can alert fire accidents more effectively and automatically bring remedies to stop the spread. The market's demand and growth will be accelerated by the increasing introduction of new systems with built-in features such as automatic water sprinklers or automated dial-in calls. The fire alarm systems are more popular and in demand across all corporate verticals and industries due to its advantageous characteristics. These fire alarm systems permit automatically transmitted messages and alerts, enabling businesses or home owners to respond quickly to stop the spread of the fire. When a fire occurs, a lot of smoke is released into the air. This smoke includes compounds that, when breathed, are very harmful for the respiratory system and can obstruct airways, cause discomfort, and even cause asphyxia and death. Therefore, installing fire alarm systems is crucial to ensuring a secure workplace, employees' assurance, and homeowners' security, which will accelerate market expansion. There are several smart fire alarms on the market nowadays that have various advantageous and efficient fire alarm features thanks to evolving and updated technology. These have 24-hour surveillance systems that let owners of businesses, factories, or homes maintain security at any time of day or night. Additionally, because modern fire detectors are so sensitive to accidents of any type, owners receive notifications more quickly. The market for fire alarms is expanding as a result of rising awareness of fire protection systems and the advantages of better technology for preventing fires. Users are eager for the most recent technologies, and market investment is rising. For facility owners and managers, integrating the fire alarm system with other building systems, such as mass notification systems and security systems, may be one of the most efficient methods to improve overall protection. The conventional fire alarm system uses one or more circuits that are connected to parallel-connected wired sensors. One end of the device is wire connected, while another is connected to the control panel. The conventional fire alarm segment led the market, with the main advantage of these being cost-effective for the smaller space. On the other hand, in an addressable fire alarm system, all the fire and smoke detection devices are connected as well as the central control monitoring center. The information directs the response team to allocate their efforts immediately. The use of fire alarms is high in the commercial segment when compared to industrial and residential applications. The use of fire alarms is increasing in the residential setup, as the home fire alarm system is quite affordable and easy to install. It can be placed anywhere in the home but is considered to be most effective when placed near a kitchen or fire hazardous spot. However, the proximity to the room is also important as it becomes easier to hear. The market is divided into manual call points, visual alarms, and audio alarms based on the kind of fire alarm. Audible alarms are the most popular and have the most market share of all of these. These loud sirens have a unique voice, enabling the owners or employees to respond promptly and evacuate the burned-out area. The auditory alarms are superior and can be detected from a greater distance than the visual alarms, which are red-colored signals or lights that signify fire and are relatively less distinctive and can be missed. The global market is led by North America which encountered a historic CAGR of 1.16%. The sound & frequencies of the fire alarm differ across the region. In North American countries, this device is known as the horns, and the tone is either continuous or set to a code. Whereas, in Europe, it sounds more like a siren with an alternating frequency. The sounders can be set to certain frequencies and tones, depending on the country and manufacturer of the device. By the end of the forecasted period, Latin America, along with Middle East & Africa is to contribute to nearly 15% of the share. The prominent players in the global market are targeting more towards their expansion in Asia and Latin America. The local players focus on launching newer products to meet the growing local consumer needs. In addition, the leaders in the market are acquiring and collaborating with top companies in the market to enhance their offerings in the market and expand their customer base. Major companies mentioned in the report: Gentex Corporation, HOCHIKI Corporation, Napco Security Technologies, Inc., Nittan Company, Ltd., Halma plc, Robert Bosch GmbH, Honeywell International, Inc., Siemens Building Technologies CONSIDERED IN THE REPORT • Geography: Global • Base year: 2021 • Historical year: 2016 • Forecasted year: 2027 REGIONS COVERED: • North America • Europe • Asia Pacific • Latin America • Middle East & Africa ASPECTS COVERED IN THE REPORT • Market Size by Value for the period (2016-2027F) • Market Share by Product Type (Conventional fire alarm panels, Addressable control panels, and Others) • Market Share by Application (Commercial, Industrial, Residential) • Market Share by Region • Market Share by Country The approach of the report: We keep an eye on evolving markets and try to evaluate the potential of the products and services. If we find the market interesting, we start working on it and create the desired table of content, considering all aspects of the business. We start by creating separate questionnaires for C-level executives, national/regional sales personnel, company owners, dealers, distributors, and end-users. Once the questionnaires have been finalized, we start collecting the primary data (mostly through phone calls) and try to understand the market dynamics regionally or tier-wise. This process gives us in-depth details of the market, including all present companies, the top-performing products with reasons why they dominate; we get the details of new players and their innovative approaches; market trends; dynamics; and all the small details of the market. After the collection of primary inputs, we then cross-check the same with secondary sources that include associations, trade journals, annual reports, paid databases, newspapers, magazines, press releases, government sources, etc. From this, we get a rough estimate of the market and start checking existing product price variants, trade, production, raw material scenarios, policies and regulatory landscape, etc. Then, to finalize the market, we start collecting financials of each player present in the market, including limited, private limited, and LLPs. Moreover, we perform cross-industry and cross-region analysis of the product, and based on collected primary inputs and using statistical modeling, we start forecasting the market. We follow our forecasting algorithm, which is unique for each product but gives more weight age to primary inputs. At the same time, the content team starts preparing company profiles, market dynamics, market trends, five forces, PEST analysis, etc. Once the data is verified by the data expert, the team (primary team, content team, and data team) together crosscheck the segmentations, validate the market, and then the designing team starts plotting the graphs. Once the file is ready, the content team completes the report and makes sure that all the discussed points have been covered and provides their valuable inputs in the form of strategic recommendations for new as well as existing players. The QC team then checks the overall report that includes spell check, data verification, and makes the same dispatch ready and error-free. Intended Audience This report can be useful to industry consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, associations & organizations related to the fire safety equipment manufacturers, government bodies, and other stakeholders to align their market-centric strategies. In addition to marketing & presentations, it will also increase competitive knowledge about the industry.

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