Global Data Center Cooling (Air Conditioning, Chilling Units, Cooling Towers, Economizer, Liquid Cooling, Control Systems) Market 2027

Global Data Center Cooling (Air Conditioning, Chilling Units, Cooling Towers, Economizer, Liquid Cooling, Control Systems) Market 2027

Actual Market Research 19-05-2022 189 Pages Figures : 59 Tables : 122 Region : Global Category : IT & Telecommunications Telecommunications & Networks

1. Vertiv Energy Private Limited

2. Otis Worldwide Corporation

3. Schneider Electric

4. Stulz Gmbh

5. Daikin Industries Limited


Globally, the number of Internet users increased from 413 million in 2000, to over 4.66 billion in 2021. On average, each day around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created and that pace is accelerating with the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT). Over the last two years alone 90% of the data in the world was generated. World’s leading search engine Google now processes more than 40,000 searches every second which is approx. 3.5 billion searches per day. As per the report, every human is on average generated 1.7 MB per day. For storage and managing those data, companies created data centers. The data center is a dedicated space used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems where computing facilities and networking equipment are located and centralized. They are responsible for collecting, storing, process, and distributing large amounts of data. They are also responsible for networking, data backup and as well as recovery. These centers also host websites, manage e-mails, social media, instant messaging services, cloud storage applications, e-commerce transactions and many other tasks required in any online activities. Even online gaming communities required data centers to manage their online activities. Data centers are required a lot of energy to perform various tasks. Already, it uses an estimated 200 TWh (terawatt-hours) each year. To smoothly do all the operations in the data center, all the IT equipment should be working efficiently. The IT equipment generates too much heat while computing the data, to reduce the heat and maintain the temperature in the data center; an effective cooling system is required. With the increasing data center, the need of efficient cooling system is required. According to the report title “Global Data Center Cooling Market Outlook, 2027”, published by Actual Market Research, the Data Center Cooling market is expected to reach more than $21 Billion in the year 2027. It is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.6% from 2022 to 2027. The increasing need for data center and cooling systems for the data center are driving the growth of the data center cooling market. The Data Center Cooling Market is primarily, segmented by component which are solution and services. In solutions, the market is further breakup by products and services bifurcated by types of services. In product segmentation of solution components, Air conditioning holds the largest market share of around 30% and liquid cooling systems have the fastest CAGR of 16.5% till the forecasted period. The liquid cooling system is passing liquid continually through the passages in the engine block. Which is powered by the water pump, and the coolant is pushed through the engine block. The heat that comes from the components is transferred to the coolant, which is circulated and cooled to continuously dissipate the heat. Because liquid cooling can conduct heat better than air, it can handle a data center's growing densities more effectively, helping to accommodate compute-intensive applications. In service component, Installation & Deployment service have largest market share and dominating the same in future as well. Region-wise, North America dominates the market with a market share of 40% and continues to lead the market till the forecast period. Europe and the Asia Pacific are together contributing approx. 50% to the global market. In the North America region, the US would contribute more than 85% of the total market. China is the leading country in the Asia Pacific region and has more than 35% market share. Globally, US and China together hold more than 40%. In the European region, Germany and UK have a leading position and contributed around 50% of the market share. By Cooling type, Room based cooling dominates the market with a market share of more than 50% and Row-based cooling have the fastest CAGR of 14% till 2027. By industry verticals, IT & Telecom have the largest market share followed by the BFSI sector. Impact of Covid-19 on Data Center Cooling Market: The Covid-19 pandemic is experience significant impact on the spending on data center; hence it is also impacting the data center cooling market. It has been a disruption felt across the world in almost all industries, particularly severe in the IT & telecom sector and various data center projects across the world during the first six-eight months of 2020 have taken a significant hit. Most IT companies had put their data centers’ expansion or construction on the back burner in 2020, until the market recovered from the negative impacts of pandemic. Major Companies present in the market: Vertiv Holdings Co., Schneider Electric S.E., Stulz Gmbh, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Daikin Industries Limited, Rittal Gmbh & Co. KG, Nortek Air Solutions LLC, Johnson Controls International PLC, Munters Group AB., Black Box Corporation, Airedale International Air Conditioning Limited, Asetek, Inc., Coolcentric, Degree Controls, Inc., Condair Group AG, Chilldyne Inc., LiquidCool Solutions, CoolIT Systems, Delta Electronics, Alfa Laval Corporate AB, Shenzhen Envicool Technology Co., Ltd, Shanghai shenglin M&E Technology Co., Ltd, GRC (Green Revolution Cooling), Aspen Systems, Fujitsu Limited Considered in this report • Geography: Global • Historic Year: 2016 • Base year: 2021 • Estimated year: 2022 • Forecast year: 2027 Aspects covered in this report • Global Data Center Cooling market with its value and forecast along with its segments • Region & country wise market analysis • Various drivers and challenges • On-going trends and developments • Top profiled companies • Strategic recommendation Regions & Countries covered in the report • North America – United States, Canada, Mexico • Europe- Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Poland, Russia • Asia-Pacific – China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia • Latin America- Brazil, Argentina, Chile • Middle-East & Africa- UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa By Component in the report: • Solution • Services By Product Type in the report: • Air Conditioning • Chilling Units • Cooling Towers • Economizer • Liquid Cooling • Control Systems • Others By Service Type in the report: • Consulting • Installation & Deployment • Maintenance & Support By Industry Verticals in the report: • BFSI • IT & Telecom • Research & Academic • Government & Defense • Retail • Energy • Manufacturing • Others By Cooling Type in the report: • Room-based Cooling • Row-based Cooling • Rack-based Cooling By Data Center Type in the report: • Large Data Centers • Enterprise Data Centers • Mid-sized Data Centers The approach of the report: This report consists of a combined approach of primary as well as secondary research. Initially, secondary research was used to get an understanding of the market and listing out the companies that are present in the market. The secondary research consists of third party sources such as press releases, annual report of companies, analyzing the government generated reports and databases. After gathering the data from secondary sources primary research was conducted by making telephonic interviews with the leading players about how the market is functioning. Post this we have started doing primary calls to industry people by equally segmenting in regional aspects, tier aspects, age group, and gender. Once we have primary data with us we have started verifying the details obtained from secondary sources. Intended audience This report can be useful to industry manufactures, consultants, Key vendors related to Data Center & HVAC solution industry. In addition to marketing & presentations, it will also increase competitive knowledge about the industry. This report would help you answer the following questions: 1. What is the growth rate of Global Data Center Cooling Market? 2. Which product in solution component dominating Data Center Cooling market? 3. What is growth rate of Liquid Cooling system till forecast period? 4. Which region has largest share in Global Data Center Cooling Market? 5. Which Country has leading in Data Center Cooling Market? 6. Who are the key players in Data Center Cooling Market?

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