Asia Pacific Fan Market - Industry Analysis, Trends, Growth & Forecast To 2026

Asia Pacific Fan Market - Industry Analysis, Trends, Growth & Forecast To 2026

Actual Market Research 12-02-2022 Region : Asia-Pacific Category : Consumer Goods & Services Appliances & Equipment

Asia Pacific Fan Market Definition The ceiling fans are one of the most important elements consider in our home. The types of ceiling fans available in the market such as, standard ceiling fans, the low-profile ceiling fans, the DC (direct current fans, the fans with light, the three, four or five blades fan, retractable ceiling fans and the AC ceiling fans. The standard fans are between 122cm and 132cm in diameter. They come in different sizes for different sizes of room. The low-profile ceiling fans sit flush against the ceiling with some only dropping 19.5cm from the ceiling. Fans are available in different range of styles, to choose the correct one for your home. The DC or direct current fans are known to be most energy-efficient fans. They consume less energy and reduces your electricity bills., they cost just 1% per hour. They don’t produce any sound and have a slim design that blends better with your room’s decor. The new DC ceiling fans can be also operated by using remote, which makes it easier to adjust the fan speed. The three, four or five blade fans range in sizes, colours, shapes and designs. Therefore, you have lots choices. The four blade fans are most commonly available in market. The ceiling fans with lights is also popular these days, it comes with integrated lights and you can create a comfortable ambience in your home. the new AC or alternating current fans are very easy to maintain and are also popular choice for the consumers. These can be controlled by remote too. these fans also come with summer and winter modes and also the direction of the blades can be changed via switch or remote. The wall mounted fans are designed for small rooms, where the floor space is limited and they are compact and ideal for small offices, party halls etc. the fans trend to be having powerful engines. The safety offered by these fans will largely depend on the height of the ceiling. The homes with low ceilings, need to keep the wall mounted fans in an isolated corner to avoid accidents. One major difference between a wall fan and a ceiling fan is, the former is often enclosed in a to prevent the fan blades from causing harm to anyone passing by. These fans are mounted onto the wall at around eye level and swivels back and forth. There different models of the fans, that can be dismounted and placed on the ground for easy control. Asia Pacific Fan Market Overview According to the report published by Actual Market Research on “Asia Pacific Fan Market by 2026”, states the fan market is expected to hold more than 14 billion USD market size by the forecasted period. There are many different types of fans are available in the market today, with new advanced technologies. As we talk about the types, the ceiling fans are mostly in demand in households and in commercial areas. There are other different types of fans like desk & table fans, floor standing fans and many more. Within all these types of fans the ceiling fans has been holding the highest market share. As per this report India fan market is the fastest growing market with the highest CAGR and will remain the highest by the forecasted year 2026. Key Market Trends The ceiling fans are most commonly used in the households and in the commercial areas. Although there are many new innovations in the market today with the ceiling fans, many consumers still depend on the standard ceiling fans. The new innovations like the ceiling fans with light, retractable ceiling fans and the AC ceiling fans and many more. The demand for wall mounted fans is not less than the ceiling fans, but are mostly used for small space rooms like small party halls, rooms and offices. Key Players Orient Superfan Orbit Khaitan Havells Bajaj Ortem Relaxo

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