The rising plastic pipe demand attract to the establishment of resin plants in India: Actual Market Research
Jul, 23

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The rising plastic pipe demand attract to the establishment of resin plants in India: Actual Market Research



Analysis of the plastic pipes market shows that the market is growing at an impressive rate in India for the past few years. Around more than half of the plastic pipe raw materials are imported consist around 33% shares of China and Korea. The government put a dumping duty on the import of CPVC resin to attract manufacturers to start production in India. Lubrizol and Grasim have planned to start the world’s largest CPVC resin plant in Gujarat, India by 2022. Also, RRPL, Chemplast, DWC Shriram and Reliance have proposed increases their resin production capacity which makes the production double by the year 2025.

According to the India Plastic Pipes Market Outlook, 2026 by Actual Market Research, in the year 2014-15 the market was valued at INR 18326.62 Crore. Plastic pipes have a good quality of chemical resistance, lightweight and installation, durability, and low cost. Production of Plastic pipe required one-fourth of energy and loss of raw material as compared to cement pipes which make it efficient for manufacturers. Due to these properties now plastic pipe demand is rising sharply in new projects and as replacement of GI and other pipes and growing at the forecasted rate of more than 13% between the year 2020 to 2026.

According to a survey first installed UPVC pipes 60 years ago are still in use. Indian plastic pipes market penetrated the west and south region by many organized and unorganized players. Where majorly UPVC pipes are used for Irrigation in the Agriculture sector. The government aims to provide drinking water supplies to each house, sanitation, and House for all by ATAL mission leads to a huge rise in demand for CPVC pipes which are used for plumbing and hot fluid transport. In India, Urbanisation, Installation of 5G, Electricity network, Transportation projects boost the demand for large size HDPE pipes which are used for drainage and underground application. According to Actual Market Research “The leading companies are focusing to develop large size PE pipes for infrastructure application.

Where targeting big volume customer and of less competition help them to get Market share.” As per the PlastIndia event report, the pipe processing machine market is growing at a rate of a CAGR of 13% with installed no. of more than 9 thousand machines in India. Leading companies like supreme, Astral, Finolex, Utkarsh India, and many others have plans to expand their business in the North and East India Market. Plastic pipes system required products like fittings, solvent, and adhesive. Companies are trying to develop these products to become the one-stop solution for the piping system. Also, the irrigation sector is the root of countries where Jain irrigation, Caption pipes, Apollo pipes are providing the best solution to the farmers. Companies also take the initiative to guide plumbers and farmers to awareness of the customized product application according to their requirements.

Along with the Irrigation sector, the plastic pipes application in construction and industrial use are also rising with product development. Development of UPVC-O and HI variants and PE -100 HDPE pipe variants are used for high-pressure applications. Where schedule-40 and PE-80 pipes are used in low-pressure applications. These all trends show healthy market growth despite the challenge of environmental and raw material supplies concern.