Europe Baby Car Seat Market to hold a global share of more than 30%: Actual Market Research
Jul, 27

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Europe Baby Car Seat Market to hold a global share of more than 30%: Actual Market Research



Under EU law, seat belts must be used in all vehicles. Those less than 1.35 m must use equipment appropriate to their size and weight when traveling in cars or lorries. It is now against the law to use a rear-facing child seat on the front passenger seat unless the airbag has been deactivated. The recent publication by Actual Market Research under the title- Europe Baby Car Seat Market Outlook, 2026; studies the market value trend for the period of 2015 to 2026, based on product type, sales channel, region, country & companies. In the year 2015, the market was accounted for USD 1527 Million and holding a market share of nearly 30% throughout the period.

Owing to the upsurge in birth rate and growth in modernization in the European economy, the baby car seat witnessed growth. An increase in suburbanization combined with the escalation in disposable earnings is expected to urge the market demand for the baby car seat. The market is led by the infant baby car seat, closely followed by the booster seat segment. The leading infant seat segment accounted for USD 496.14 Million in 2015. Besides, convenience assistances offered by these seats, such as its capability to carry the baby to several places is adding fuel to the growth of the baby seat market. Through the forecasted period, the convertible seat segment is expected to grow with a CAGR of 8.68%.

By providing holistic solutions, the supermarket & hypermarket segment has been the first choice of the parents for the purchase of baby seats. The segment held a share of around 47% in the region, by aiding with selection consult till the installation process. With the rise in the number of smartphone users and increase in the online promotions by marketers, the online stores' segment is to gain more potential in the coming years. Supported by the ease of buying both in terms of cost & time, the segment is to experience an anticipated growth of 11.36%. Among the EU-28 nations, the UK had the 7th highest internet penetration rate in 2018, which indirectly started affecting the online sales of the baby car seat in the country.

Germany, France & UK together are expected to account for nearly 50% of the market share in the region. Seat-belts didn’t become a legal requirement for rear-seat passengers in the UK until 1987 and, remarkably, laws requiring children to use special car seats weren’t introduced until 2006! The United Kingdom is the fastest growing country as compared to other countries during the forecast period. Only an EU-approved car seat can be used in the UK. Child car seats are approved outside of the EU, for example, the US can't be used in the UK, and EU-approved car seats can't be used in other countries. i-Size is part of the European child car seat regulation R129, which came into force in the UK at the beginning of April 2015. Owing to the increasing number of car accidents across Europe is encouraging the government to permit laws and making baby car seats mandatory to ensure children’s safety along with the efforts taken by car seat manufacturers for manufacturing and designing innovative car seats is contributing to the growth of baby car seat market across Europe. New alarming seats are now a legal requirement in Italy after multiple cases of young children being forgotten by parents and dying inside hot cars, since late 2019. The seats, which set off an alarm if the child is left alone in the car, are obligatory for children up to the age of four.