Effective yet time consuming traditional methods to aid MEA floor cleaning equipment market to grow over 9% CAGR: Actual Market Research
Jun, 10

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Effective yet time consuming traditional methods to aid MEA floor cleaning equipment market to grow over 9% CAGR: Actual Market Research



Floor cleaning equipment is to see a modest growth in the Middle East & Africa region, whereby the people prefer to use brooms, mops, and multipurpose cleaners with strong fragrances. This method is considered to the most effective and affordable, and thus vacuums cleaners making their way into the non-essential list. The research report titled Middle East & Africa Floor Cleaning Equipment Market Outlook, 2026 by Actual Market Research categorizes the market to forecast the revenues and analyze the trends in each of the following segments: based on product type, based on application, based on region, countries & major companies. _x000D_
Restricted by this, the region could not cross over a share of over 10% in the global market. In the year 2015, the Middle East & Africa market of floor cleaning equipment was valued at USD 0.63 Billion. Demand for cleaning equipment remains limited to a certain proportion of the population, as lower-income households often perceive them to be a luxury. Most households continue to use traditional means to ensure living spaces are kept clean and those who do use vacuum cleaners often use them in conjunction with traditional cleaning methods. Catering to it, many cost-effective innovations have been introduced in the region, allowing the market to demonstrate a rate of over 9% in the forecasted period._x000D_
In the midst of COVID-19, the use of vacuum cleaners increased within households, as families and individuals spent more time within the home. While this encouraged some consumers to buy other floor cleaning equipment, with price sensitivity purchase pattern. The floor scrubber segment accounted for more than half of the market, while the floor sweeper machine is expected to grow with the highest CGAR of 9.91%. Robotic vacuum cleaners remain a niche product area in the UAE, with very few brands offering the product locally._x000D_
Before the Covid pandemic, the region enjoyed its own share of tourism, through which the floor cleaning equipment demand was soaring high. The commercial use of floor cleaning equipment gained more popularity contributing to a share of over 85% since 2015. However, the share of the segment was observed to be declining since. With an increase in purchasing power, people are willing to spend on innovative options to maintain health & hygiene. The residential end-user segment is foreseen to grow with an anticipated CGAR of nearly 12% in the coming years. Saudi Arabia is dominating the Middle East & Africa floor cleaning equipment with its increasing construction of corporate offices and other commercial spaces. The market is gaining traction, as deep cleaning and sanitization at homes are growing. This augmented the growth of the cleaning equipment and products market._x000D_
Dyson Ltd has emerged as a small, but significant presence in vacuum cleaners in Saudi Arabia. Even though the distribution of this brand remains limited to Virgin Megastore outlets in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam, and the Red Sea electronics and appliance stores, awareness of Dyson is quite high, particularly among affluent consumers, many of whom perceive it as being at the cutting edge of both design and technological development.