Green Technology- A cleaner Europe Floor Cleaning Market with 7% CAGR: Actual Market Research
Jun, 10

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Green Technology- A cleaner Europe Floor Cleaning Market with 7% CAGR: Actual Market Research


Sustainability & green growth have been considered one of the major issues in the European countries ever since 2010. As the region enjoys phenomenal resource-intensive growth, it becomes important to understand that there is a need for green acceleration too. Sustainable solutions must be turned into commercially viable products if Europe is to recover from the economic downturn. The research report titled Europe Floor Cleaning Equipment Market Outlook, 2026 by Actual Market Research categorizes the market to forecast the revenues and analyze the trends in each of the following segments: based on product type, based on application, based on countries & major companies. _x000D_
Floor cleaning equipment has a varied application across sectors in Europe, the market attaining a value of USD 1.82 Billion in 2015. Climate change, sustainability, green cleaning, and the environment have taken a back seat to the pandemic, and understandably so. But the European market is expected to come back stronger though. Not only stronger, but sooner than expected, the region is to be at the forefront of sustainable cleaning. The European market for floor cleaning equipment is expected to grow with an anticipated rate of 7%, one of the lowest in the global market._x000D_
It is widely identified that indoor pollution has a crucial role in the rising incidence of asthma & allergens. Many vacuum cleaners which operate with a sound level of less than70dBA are certified with ?€?Green Label?€™ by Carpet And Rug Institute. Likewise, for the market growth, the region has a high dominance of vacuum cleaners, holding dominance with more than half of the market share. It is believed that the Propane-Powered floor equipment has high efficiency and low emission engines, meeting the standards set by Environmental Protection Agency, and can operate with a sound level of less than 90dBA. The automated sweeper machines are equipped with variable speed settings to optimize the cleaning efficiency. Such development in improvising product efficiency is expected to allow the floor sweeper segment to grow with a future CGAR of 9.8%. _x000D_
In the case of floor cleaning, equipment is re-usable and chemicals are not. Therefore, using equipment that minimizes the use of chemicals just makes true ?€?Green Sense?€™. A need to use equipment that can withstand concentrated chemicals over extended periods without breaking is essential especially in the commercial use of such equipment. Properly training employees to use that equipment and chemicals can ensure the same. It is to consider that the residential use of such cleaning equipment dominates the region in terms of the end-users, while by the end of the forecasted period, the residential care segment is to over grow a quarter of a market share. _x000D_
Tennant Company, Nilflisk Group, and Alfred K?rcher SE & Co. KG focusing their market strategies more towards European countries. Less material consumption through purist engineering, targeted use of recyclable materials, intelligent metering systems, energy-efficient, smooth-running gearboxes, are a few of the parameters through which the companies are trying to optimize their floor cleaning equipment in the region. Dominated by Germany, with its high corporate space, UK & France account for over 40% of the market share with Germany.