Booming Construction Industry to Aid the North America Floor Cleaning Equipment a growth of over 6%. : Actual Market Research
Jun, 10

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Booming Construction Industry to Aid the North America Floor Cleaning Equipment a growth of over 6%. : Actual Market Research


The major drivers for the growth of the construction industry in North America are the increase in housing starts and rising infrastructure due to the increasing urbanization and the growing population. The research report titled North America Floor Cleaning Equipment Market Outlook, 2026 by Actual Market Research categorizes the market to forecast the revenues and analyze the trends in each of the following segments: based on product type, based on application, based on countries & major companies._x000D_
With the increase in new housing, the market for floor cleaning equipment was valued at USD 1.77 Billion in 2015. The floor cleaning equipment is in demand, with the increase in disposable income and the increase in an aging population. With more elder age people being present actively in public commercial spaces, the need for providing them with a hygienic environment boosts the market growth in the region. In the forecasted period, the region?€™s market is expected to grow over an anticipated rate of 6%. _x000D_
North Americans do have mobility issues, which restrains the possibility of recruiting domestic help over & again. Apart from this, the region also has high labor charges for janitor services, thus proving such equipment to be a profitable substitute. The vacuum cleaner segment, dominated the market holding a share of nearly 60% in 2020. The growth of robotic vacuum cleaners can be attributed to the adaption of technologically advanced products by tech-savvy people. With an upswing in the need for shorter time spend on household chores, the demand in the region is to incline in the coming period. North America is to have the highest growth for the segment which includes Cordless Electric Brooms, Robocleaner. This segment is expected to incline in the market share, with a forecasted CAGR of 7.68%, through the period of 2021-2026. Apart from this, the enforcement of regulatory cleanliness & hygiene standards are some of the fundamental factors stimulating the regional market expansion. _x000D_
Even though the construction industry had a downfall due to the Covid pandemic, with the relaxation of lockdown restrictions, the industry is to stabilize back, increasing the need for cleaning equipment directly. With a high possibility of air-borne diseases and dust allergies communicable, the need for providing a hygienic environment is now a major concern in the region. Moreover, the direct relation between clean surroundings with employee/customer retention, the commercial end-user segment dominated the region, holding a little less than ?th of the market. With the increasing disposable income comes a hectic lifestyle, which reduces the available time for household chores. This is expected to aid the residential floor cleaning product application segment to grow with a CAGR of 8%, in the coming years. _x000D_
The North American market is led by the US, with the overall buying capacity and the fact that more than 80% of households have one or the other floor cleaning equipment. While the US enjoys its dominance, all other countries together could merely account for less than 15% of the region?€™s share. Apart from this, the increasing number of health care setups in the region has been enhancing the market growth. Furthermore, the USA in particular has a major market due to the presence of a number of top companies, such as Tennant Co. and Alfred K?rcher GmbH & Co. KG.