Colour & Mascot influence the Europe Personal Care Wipes Market to grow over 5% CAGR- Actual Market Research
May, 10

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Colour & Mascot influence the Europe Personal Care Wipes Market to grow over 5% CAGR- Actual Market Research



With extensive market research, the leading brand Procter & Gamble learned that the optimal tissue color in Germany should be blue or yellow and that the package needed to be cubic. Advertising tests showed that the cute cuddly little bear logo worked very well, giving their toilet paper an emotional and lovable appeal. Much similar trend of acceptance has been traced in the other European countries. Convenience is a major driver in the wet wipes industry where consumer demand for products that allow for quick cleanup or application of everything from makeup to kitchen counters to greasy hands in manufacturing environments continues to rise.

Wet wipes have become an increasingly popular item of everyday use in homes and workplaces. Although they were originally developed as personal care products, their success has led to the development of many products with household and industrial applications for cleaning, sanitizing, and polishing.

Germany holds the largest share of the market, and the wipes market in Russia is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period. Additionally, the government is introducing common public health initiatives include the promotion of healthy living to improve the quality of life through the prevention of disease. All these factors have raised the use of anti-bacterial Personal Care Wipes among the consumers of this region.

The demand for wipes such as baby wipes has grown considerably over the past few years due to increasing expenditure on baby wipes products. The segment has been posing at over a 40% share in the market. The rapid growth of the personal care industry provides opportunities for wipe manufacturers to innovate their product offerings and packaging. This has further led to the introduction of innovative and upgraded products in the market and has helped leading producers to build brand appeal and loyalty among consumers. The flushable wipes and the facial care wipes segment together are likely to attend to a value of USD 1.88 Billion, remaining lower than the baby wipe segment.

Several players present in the European wipes market include Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc., Procter & Gamble, The Clorox Company, Contac Inc., Diamond Wipes International Inc., DuPont de Nemours, Inc., Rockline Industries, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Nice-Pak Products, Inc., and S.C. Johnson & Son, among others. Being in such a highly competitive market landscape differentiation becomes an important point among the marketers, allowing them to bring up innovation not only in the products but also in packaging and marketing strategies. For instance, Johnson and Johnson's under the brand name Clean and Clear, offers multipurpose wet facial wipes for purposes such as makeup removal, cleansing, moisturization, and maintaining skin softness. This has led to an increase in the demand for multi-functional wet wipes, which would in turn drive the growth of the personal care wipes market during the forecast period.