Organic & reusable products are the future of the USD 7 Billion North America feminine hygiene market.- Actual Market Research
Apr, 26

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Organic & reusable products are the future of the USD 7 Billion North America feminine hygiene market.- Actual Market Research



The inclination towards organically derived products by women owing to its biodegradable and skin-friendly nature is likely to bolster the market demand exponentially. This is signified by the sale of non-genetically modified (GMO) organic cotton products. Moreover, the reduced possibility of rashes and low possibility of contracting cancer and other chronic diseases can augur well for the North America feminine hygiene care market. The population in North America is aware of the importance of feminine hygiene, which has led to an increase in the number of manufacturers of feminine hygiene products.

According to the recent publication of Actual Market Research titled- North America Feminine Hygiene Market is likely to cross a market value of USD 7 Billion by the end of the year 2026. Menstrual toxic shock syndrome has seen an upsurge according to the report by National Center for Biotechnology Information in the region. The use of natural feminine care products can reduce the chances of TSS and drive the market demand. Moreover, government policies creating awareness among the public is expected to drive the market growth. The feminine hygiene products market is growing primarily due to presence of local manufacturers and exemption of service taxes from the products. Restraining factors, such health risks associated with the use of tampons is likely to damage the growth of the market in the coming years.

The worst thing is that the female hygiene products are made partly with plastic, which doesn’t biodegrade. It’s estimated that the region is dumping one fully loaded garbage truck of plastic into the ocean every single minute. On the other hand, reusable products like menstrual cups and reusable cloth pads are great for the environment. As the region is moving towards a greener environment, the female population has been contributing their part without compromising their personal hygiene. The revenue from reusable is been increasing since the latter half of the decade and is expected to continue.

During recent years, the rise in awareness regarding the use of useful products, there has been an increasing demand for organic products. The presence of local players in the North American feminine hygiene products market is likely to propel the growth of the industry at a considerable rate during the forecast period. In 2018, the supermarkets segment held a most significant market share of the feminine hygiene products market, by distribution channel. However, the online-distributions segment is anticipated to witness growth at a considerable rate, due to the increased penetration of smart phone and digitalization in North America. In North America, parts of US and Canada have cancelled the imposition of service taxes that are imposed on feminine hygiene products. Various women in the region find these products unaffordable due to the high percentage of service tax however the service tax charges vary widely across the region.

Growth in the organized retail market, technological advancements, and increasing demand for organic products have been the other factors driving the growth of the feminine hygiene products market. The region is highly dominated by the USA which in the year 2015 itself accounted to a value of more than 80%.