India Instant Soup Market will grow nearly INR 2000 Cr by 2025- Actual Market Research
Mar, 29

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India Instant Soup Market will grow nearly INR 2000 Cr by 2025- Actual Market Research



The soup market has experienced a healthy growth rate owing to frequent product launches with more innovative flavors offered by market share. Single-serve packs, an instant cup of soup. microwave packs and travel packs with reasonable prices and more convenience than large serving packs attract better sales; claims with visually clear graphics on the front of the package differentiates preservative-free soup from other products building trust for this segment. Online e-commerce platforms like Amazon on their website avail these filter options to promote the product.

HUL, Capital Foods, MTR foods, Bambino Agro foods Pvt Ltd, etc are the finite players in the Instant Soup market. According to the recent publication- India Instant Soup Market Outlook, 2026 by Actual Market Research, the top 2 brands; Knorr and Ching’s account for a share of over 80% of the market.

Soups have been considered as healthy food, highly suggested for medical food helped in indigestion food. The demand for soups escalates the market for processed food market which is an appraisal for this period. Pricing is an important factor. Single-serve packs are sold for INR 10-12 and single-serve premium products are sold for INR 20-30. High protein meal soups prices range between INR 280-350 per 4 servings. Pricing can make a big difference in sales as the rounded off-priced products win the race.

Due to its peculiar quality of being instant and hot, people take this product highly acceptable in every season whether it is summer or monsoon. A liquid food generally served as a quick hot meal, soup provides several health benefits due to its various ingredients like dried vegetables, chicken, sweet corn, beans, etc which gives high vitamins and minerals for health benefits. Such health benefit attracts large population across the nation.

Soups are emerging as a viable option for these urban as well as rural consumers, which is why their growth has been steadily increasing. Soup has been shown its place as a meal, Complementary food, appetizer, etc.

A wide variety of types, styles, and flavors of instant soup exist. Instant soups packets are usually in dried powder form or in canned in which we just have to add hot water to it. Tomato and Hot and sour are the most common flavors which lead the market due to their taste.

Many organized retail shops in modern trade have very prominent soup segment due to wide variety range and also available in offers. Modern Retail has achieved nearly 71.5% market share in the Instant Soup market of India for the year 2019-2020. Due to excessive marketing campaigns and market awareness in consumer soups have been considered as a daily diet on regular basis. Soups help to prevent indigestion in the body. Many regional players from the Southern region of India came up with its local taste soups like Tasty Tales, Venky’s group to make awareness and capture their native market with their traditional and authenticate taste.