India Ready-to-Mix Market is anticipated to reach CAGR of 17.06%- Actual Market Research
Mar, 29

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India Ready-to-Mix Market is anticipated to reach CAGR of 17.06%- Actual Market Research



Ready-To-Mix or Instant mixes are the edges for working people and hectic lifestyles. Diversity in culture brings more variants in Ready-To-Mix categories. Ready-To-Mix is a part of RTC which requires basic cooking before they are consumed. All the required ingredients are packed in the required proportions so that they can be easily cooked. As per the report published by Actual Market Research under the title ‘India Ready-To-Mix Market Outlook, 2026’ market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 17.06% by the year 2025-26.

By overlapping the trend of traditional food by scratch level people want traditional food in a quicker and easy format. MTR was the pioneer in the Ready-To-Mix market by introducing the South Indian breakfast mix and now it has elaborated vastly with an addition of regional taste products like poha from the western region, Paneer tikka dishes from the North Indian region.

Ready-To-Mix includes four segments mainly Snacks mix, Curry & Dal mix, Sweet mix, and others (Meals & rice). Snacks mix consists of Poha, Upma, Idli dosa Batter, Chapatti, Pongal, dhokla mix, etc. Curry mix includes shahi paneer mix, Paneer tikka mix, Mutton curry, Dal makhani, Dal tadka, sambar mix, Aloo mutter, etc. The dessert mix includes Kesari halwa, moong dalhalwa, Gulab jamun mix, paysum, Kheer mix etc. Others category includes Meal combos, rice mix means lemon rice, Chinese fried rice, Kadhi chawal, Sambar rice, Punjabi khichdi, etc.

Companies like Fortune have launched Bengali khichdi as the company is from West Bengal and with an increase of its acceptance and to take place in the western region they launched Gujarati khichdi by giving the importance of how much khichdi is a healthy meal.

Many entry-level companies have entered into the market with their regional taste products to capture their native market. Companies like Mother’s Magic, Bikanervala have introduced a good range of regional taste products to give ease to working women and youngsters so that they can cook easily.

In the past years, Ready-To-Mix market was mostly for nuclear families and youngsters but now the trend has been widened due to market awareness and social media impact. Many FMCG of Ready-to mix market wants to give healthy and quality products to their consumers.

A wide variety range of products has been launched. They mostly first launch in the Modern retail segment to capture a bigger market with a rationale price. Ready-to-mix is an emerging segment that has immense growth potential in the country as it will help consumers to get free from the age-old traditional method of grinding, cooking, or fermenting for hours and hence making the work faster. Ready mixes like curry products rarely fail to perform, irrespective of the cooking skills of the user which acts as a key driver for the segment.

Due to Pandemic in 2020 the sale for the Ready-To-Mix segment has been raised and demand for products has been hiked. Companies like Id fresh, MTR, Haldiram have made special meals and combos for the consumer for the working people who got stuck because of the sudden lockdown. Flexible packaging, convenience-driven products will help to hike the market demand for Ready-To-Mix products.