Trend of fitness is striking Middle-East & African countries elevating its fitness equipment industry letting it to grow with robust CAGR of over 6.5% - Actual Market Research
Sep, 03

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Trend of fitness is striking Middle-East & African countries elevating its fitness equipment industry letting it to grow with robust CAGR of over 6.5% - Actual Market Research



Middle-Eastern & African countries combine have showed developing trend in fitness equipment market with increase in the availability of affordable fitness facilities.

The trend of obtaining fitness facilities has been bright and promising in the Middle East & Africa region as consumers seek to exercise and reap the benefits of an active lifestyle. The region has observed the emergence of successful international fitness operators including Fitness First, Gold’s Gym, and World Gym. Currently, people in the region are willing to spend more amount of money on improving their health and well-being along with increasing disposable income majorly experienced from Middle-Eastern countries. From the overall market in the region combine, revenue generation from Middle-East countries has been found to be the highest. There has been a surge in the investment from foreign industries led to improve fitness scenario of the citizens in these countries. Growing fitness facilities in the region have been helped by some of the region’s major fitness equipment manufacturing companies such as Leejam, Acme Fitness, Vivo Fitness, Dubai Sports LLC, etc.

According to the report “The Middle East & Africa Fitness Equipment Market Report, 2027” published by Actual Market Research (ActualMR), the fitness equipment market of the Middle-East and Africa has been promising and driven by increasing commercialization of the industry which has let the market growth with a CAGR of above 7% by 2027. The market is dominated by a higher preference for cardio equipment, innovative strength training approaches like free weight training, functional training, resistance training is gaining consumer attraction. Away from the perception of traditional gym training practice, evaluation of equipment and its extended reach to the at-home segment have benefited the strength equipment market in the region. Strength training equipment like kettlebells, medicine balls, sandballs, ankle weights, dumbbells, etc have found a place in the home segment.

The commercial segment of Middle-East & Africa has been the leading contributor to the revenue generation. A major portion of the revenue has been generated from the health and fitness clubs in the region.  Moreover, the increasing infrastructure of hotels malls providing fitness facilities is letting the market grow. Along with all these developments, implementing the strategy of offering fitness equipment for sports activities is providing a positive effect on the market's growth. The influx of international franchises like Xponential Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Life fitness, etc. have developed competition in the market There is a growing trend of women-centric fitness clubs especially in Middle-Eastern countries. This has led the companies concentrated in the region to manufacture ranges of cardio as well as strength training equipment targeting women audience hitting the gyms. The fitness equipment offering has also been extended to the residential complexes with the increased availability of community gyms. Along with this, countries in the region have been very much attracted to home gyms which have boosted up the residential sale in the market.