In a very competitive Indian baby food market, the prepared baby food sneaking in rapidly with the growing consumer adaption.
Apr, 23

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In a very competitive Indian baby food market, the prepared baby food sneaking in rapidly with the growing consumer adaption.


Indian baby food market has been very competitive with the formula like infant milk, follow-up and baby cereal consumers have gained a lot of attention towards the prepared baby food products._x000D_
Breast milk is considered as unequalled way for providing ideal food for infants to maintain their better health and growth development. However when the infant reaches the age of four to six months it is advisable to provide them with appropriate complimentary foods however it should not as breast-milk substitute. These complimentary foods includes Infant milk substitute, Follow up formula, Baby Cereal, Prepared baby foods and others. An Infant?€™s growth stage like 0-6 months, 6 ?€“ 12 months and 12 ?€“ 18 months are very crucial for their development. Foods provided in these ages define the development in their growth. For these reason the companies categorized the product in the market in the form of stage 1, stage 2, stage 3 etc. The companies are constantly introducing number of types of baby food varies according to ingredients, formula, flavors, proportion of nutrition and vitamins, and packaging._x000D_
Market Insight_x000D_
Indian baby food market has developed a large segment for Infant milk formula as an alternative of breastfeeding. According to the report ?€?India Baby Food Market By Value, By Type (Infant Milk Formula, Baby Cereals, Follow-Up Formula, Prepared Food & Others), By Pack Size, By Pack Type , By Age Group, By Sales Channel ( General Retail, Multi-Brand Retail, Online), By Company (Nestle India, Denone Nutricia, GCMMF (Amul) etc.), By Brand (Amulspray, Cerelac, Lactogen etc.), By Region (East, West, North, South), By Demographics (Urban, Rural), Overview, 2020-2025?€? the infant milk formula segment of the market have grown with a strong CAGR of around 16% in last couple of years. This is the only form of formula that can be provided to an infant within 6 months of beyond it. The market have been undergone an immense competition among infant milk formula, follow-up formula and baby cereal. _x000D_
Advent of prepared & pureed food_x000D_
In last couple of years the market has seen an advent of the prepared baby food products where a surge in adoption has been observed in last couple of years. This segment of the market have been growing very strongly and based on such adaption rate it is expected that the market will grow big with a CAGR of around 22% in next couple of years. The products in this segment consists of the pureed vegetable & fruits, dry meals, baby drinks, baby wet meals, baby finger foods, special energy formula, and others form of baby food includes biscuit, puffs, snacks etc. The prepared baby food come in various flavors such as apple & cherry, wheat apple, Oats & honey, wheat cereal, Multigrain & fruits etc. whereas others form are prepared with coconut oil, flax seeds, rice cereal, pear, oats, butter, flour etc. Now a days the families are getting nuclear which evades the advantage of joint family where the senior most members of the used to take all the care of infant and provide them with home prepared food. At present with work oriented and hectic lifestyle of the parents it becomes difficult to continue the same tradition. The parents at the same time also want to provide their child with all the nourished foods that will help in their growth. These pureed foods provides a major role in in fulfilling all these needs weather being at home or while travelling and get free from all the hassle._x000D_
Growth in awareness and distribution_x000D_
Baby food product has the wide range of products out of which most of the products have the high price value. These products have its high availability and selling in the urban regions. The urban regions are consisting of the tier 1, 2 and some of the tier 3 cities which have the presence of all the three modes of distribution. The added advantage in these regions is that the parents have the amount of awareness about the understanding of baby food products. Whereas in the availability of the baby foods have increased in rural regions as the products presence in the general stores have increased. Rural regions like in the villages still have the less awareness about the varieties of baby food products._x000D_