The rise in its millennial population with the expansion of new growth opportunities will grow the hand sanitizer market of the Asia Pacific region: Actual Market Research
Apr, 29

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The rise in its millennial population with the expansion of new growth opportunities will grow the hand sanitizer market of the Asia Pacific region: Actual Market Research


Asian Pacific countries such as China and India are known for its flourishing population and new opportunities in the market. Moreover, increased number of consumers will drive the demand for the hand sanitizers in the Asian Pacific market. _x000D_
Asia Pacific region- the land of new opportunities, Research & Development and technological advancements. The region is blessed with an increasing population with a diversified network of markets and an organized sales channel. Moreover, the dynamic consumer behaviour and dynamic state of the markets has opened a wide range of opportunities for the new players to enter the market with their brands and products._x000D_
China is one of the most populous countries in the world with its own private label players in the hand sanitizer industries. Due to the recent outbreak of the pandemic Coronavirus, the Chinese markets are expected to flourish in terms of hand sanitizers as their main product in demand. On the other hand, India is the second populous country of the world with a diversified market of hand sanitizers in all directions. Moreover, the concept of ?€?Make in India?€™ is expected to welcome the global players in the market of India. Both these countries account for more than 50% of the population of the Asia Pacific region. Hence, the increasing rate of population will increase the number of consumers in the market. Thus, driving it in terms of demand in the future. While other countries such as Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, etc. also have a health-conscious population, markets here are still expected to drive in numbers. _x000D_
The World Health Organization (WHO) is a part of the United Nations, contributing towards the relief from the international pandemics across the world. During the recent catastrophe of the international pandemic, COVID 19 coronavirus, the contribution of the World Health Organization is noteworthy. As per the latest reports from the WHO, the total number of confirmed cases across the world is the world is 2241359 with a number of deaths rising to 152551. Out of the total global cases, 130696 cases are from the Asia Pacific region with a rising number of deaths to 5621 till the month of April. These numbers are frightening enough to call out the global emergency due to the international pandemic. The global level risk is assessed to be very high by the WHO. _x000D_
According to the latest report entitled, ?€?Asia Pacific Hand Sanitizer market by segment (Alcohol & Non-alcohol), by Product (Gel, liquid, foam, spray, others-hand sanitizing wipes), by country (China, India, Japan and Rest of Asia Pacific), market outlook, 2025.?€?, published by Actual Market Research, the Asia Pacific hand sanitizer market is expected to experience new growth opportunities which will account it a market value of more than US $ 2.6 billion at the end of the year 2025. The market is expected to grow with a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 5% in the next five years. Thus, the increasing rate of population and attraction of investment in the Asia Pacific market will drive the overall hand sanitizer market at a fruitful rate in upcoming years. ?€?Asia Pacific is one of the prominent regions where new products are born with technological advancements. But markets here are of dynamic nature which makes a consumer to easily switch to another product. The competition here is of price and hand sanitizers are still preferable with limited products such as liquid and gel ones. Moreover, China and India are experiencing a robust growth in population which will add new consumers in the market and new growth opportunities will attract the global players to invest in the hand sanitizer segment. Thus, driving its overall hand sanitizer market in the nearby future.?€? Said Vedant Pandya, Market analyst at Actual Market Research. Thus, the Asia Pacific region seems to be a new generation pavilion for the hand sanitizer players to fight the brand war with their new products and their brands. _x000D_
In order to overcome the recent pandemic COVID 19 Coronavirus, many companies and associations are donating hand sanitizers to provide a relief in the society. The Salvation Army of the Korea is accepting the donations from various institutions such as hand sanitizers, masks, gloves, etc. and distribute it into the medical centers such as hospitals, clinics, and other institutions. The GAIA Asia Pacific Community helps the medical centers by providing them amenities such as hand sanitizers which are utmost required during such a difficult time. Diageo to make eight million bottles of hand sanitizers and distribute them throughout the Asia Pacific. KPMG donated 4 million yuan towards the manufacturing and distribution of hand sanitizers across the Asia Pacific region. In this way, these donations will grab the demand for hand sanitizers in the future market, driving it to a considerable height. _x000D_