The stealthy reality of the North American Diaper market: Actual Market Research
Mar, 02

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The stealthy reality of the North American Diaper market: Actual Market Research


"North America", the word simply reminds of the land of world's biggest economies with largest global market shares. Almost all industries are expanding their markets in north America making it a pavilion of the brand war. Moreover, the consumer behaviour of North Americans is also changing with time. This has created a lump of elbow room for the growing brands to promote their product. Talking about the diaper industry, it is ever changing with time. From the traditional cloth ones to the modern aromatized biodegradable ones, diapers have always been evolved with the changing attitude of consumers making it an industry of $ 98.82 billion in 2025! Of the total global diaper market share, North America contributes of about 18.65% market share._x000D_
The diaper industry here is continually improving since past decades. Total market consists of the baby & adult diaper segments in which the baby diaper segment comprises of baby diapers with its types such as disposable, swim pants, training pants and cloth diapers. These diapers have been modernized with new innovations on the field such as dual strips, double grip, wetness indicators, etc. They are made with ultra soft non wovens which can provide relief and care to the chubbies. On the other half, adult diapers were developed for the incontinence with varying size and fits such as brief, pants, adhesive tape, etc. Both these diaper markets are growing or declining in one or the other countries of North American continent._x000D_
The United States of America and Canada are the two developed economies of the Northern American continent. They have the maximum diaper market share across the continent. Countries like Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Panama, Costa Rica are developing economies. The birth rate of North America is declining past time as the people are choosing to marry late and have fewer children. Besides this, the population is aging with higher life expectancy which will proliferate the adult diaper market. The baby diaper market is expected to lose its market share but will regain with adult diaper. The field players of the north American diaper markets are Kimberly Clark, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Kao, Domtar corp., North American Diaper company , Ontex, etc. Many brands such as Honest, Pampers pure, Seventh Generation, Aden & Anais have developed eco friendly diapers promoting the environment conservation._x000D_
The brands of North American diaper market are continually focusing to reach their customers in order to enhance the quality of their products. They are conducting discussion forums on social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, they are offering rewards and prices on online subscriptions. In order to build intimacy, brands are welcoming the mommies to write about their experiences on their websites and also post their baby's photos. Pampers, brand of P&G developed snapchat filters for the moms to live their story. It also started a campaign "love, sleep and play" which ask mommies to post their bib's cute pic while they are sleeping or playing. while Huggies, brand of K-C lets you to customize diapers with newly added prints and your Chubb's pic or monogram on it. Brands also share tips on pregnancy and parenting. The north American Huggies segment celebrates the all parent campaign "Shaking up the baby aisle" which features dads with their baby on the packaging box. The Luvs brand conducted a campaign "Targeting experienced moms" on the free embarrassment on breast feeding. Fisher price guides the moms to select best suitable toys for their babies under the campaign name of "age by age-playtime guide". In this way, the brands are marketing to target the millennial moms. On the other side, the Depends brand started a campaign "Drop your pants" which spread awareness to come out of stigma of incontinence in New York. _x000D_
North America being a large diaper market, maximum brands are trying to penetrate which has let the North Americans to choose from a wide range of products. People can easily compare the quality and price and find the best suitable for them. The growing adult diaper market is expected to flourish by new trends and brands due to the increasing demand._x000D_