Language of learning have changed, long boring classroom lectures have become interesting virtual classrooms lectures. How innovations have changed the way of learning!
May, 05

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Language of learning have changed, long boring classroom lectures have become interesting virtual classrooms lectures. How innovations have changed the way of learning!


Learning has been through a lot of transformation classrooms have become virtual ones, innovations in online learning are letting the education to be as it was never before._x000D_
In the early days of e-learning, some people were concerned that bringing computers into the market for education sectors would remove the human element that many learners benefit from. We also use a wealth of interactive designs that ensure distance learning is both an engaging and valuable lesson delivery medium. This can be achieved by building partnerships with quality training providers and combining this with a dedicated and experienced team. The virtual college provides the perfect blended learning environment. This means that everyone has the chance to take their online training to the next level while fitting their learning in around their busy schedule. According to a report by the government of India until the year 2019, only 25% of the student completing under graduation have opted for higher education. By the year 2035, the government is willing to make the count increase to 50%. India has a number of colleges and universities but to make the count of students enrolled at a particular level requires a lot of capital and facilities. As of now many universities were only allowed to provide 20% of their degree online due to the concern about the quality and limited mechanisms for oversight and regulation. For the first time, the government of India has allowed universities to offer fully online degrees. This can be the change that will enhance and reshape the education delivery of the country._x000D_
According to our research analyst Mr. Deepak Tiwari from Actual Market Research the report titled ?€?India Remote (Higher Education) And Language & Casual Learning Market, By Value & Volume, By Courses (Under Graduate, Graduate, Post Graduate), By Language (English, German, Spanish, etc.), By Device Preference (Mobile, Laptop), By Payment Period (One Time, Installment), By Payment Mode (Cash, Digital), Overview, 2020-2025?€? The ease of completing under graduation, graduation and post-graduation that comes under higher education have observed an increase in enrolment of students with a CAGR of around 44% in the last couple of years. This is because of the innovations observed in this field. Online education has been considered as a cost-effective form of course than that of a regular college degree. Online colleges have been adopting the concept of project-based learning for enhancing the learning experience of the enrolled user. This concept helps to transform the traditional learning which includes reading chapters, answering questions, taking tests, etc. instead of that, the students are made to work on subject-specific educational projects such as building a greenhouse, designing a website, debating on topics, create and display the presentations, etc. _x000D_
Online education has been taken up in a big trending way. This has been the result of institutions turning to online mode of teaching because the schools and colleges are not functioning due to current pandemic COVID 19. Recently the finance minister Nirmala Sitaraman have pushed for promotion of digital education with a technological driven education program called PM-eVIDYa. The government have tied up with the DTH channels like Tata Sky & Airtel. Under this initiative top 100 universities will be permitted to start online courses which will include the varsities like IITs, IIMs, institutes of eminence and national institutes. The state government is adviced to telecast the educational content on the SWAYAM PRABHA channels. As it is a group of 32 channels which teach on topics like arts, science, commerce, performing arts, social sciences and humanities subjects, engineering, technology, medicine, and agriculture._x000D_
The increasing trend of language and casual learning_x000D_
People nowadays have become very much active in developing their personal quotient with this learning language among the student's adaption of hobby or casual online classes like online music classes, dance classes, cooking classes, other skill development classes have boomed. In the last couple of years, it is observed that there is an increase in the number of people who are trying to pursue some un-conventional as well as off-beat skills. There has been a different form of casual and hobby learning courses such as music, cooking, art and craft, creative thinking, confidence building, meditation course, etc. The online casual and hobby learning has seen high demand in India. The reason for such high demand is that apart from work people in India are looking forward to looking after their personal growth it can be with thinking of obtaining extra income to start independently a new business. The hobby courses are considered as a great stress reliever, allows one to increase their skill, helps in improving the career, helps to attain additional income, etc. At present, there are very few start-ups functioning in this sector and a number of free players in the form of YouTube that are gaining attractions through add revenues._x000D_
Hybrid learning is making a way in the online learning_x000D_
The name hybrid or blended has been a trending form in online learning. As the name suggests it is the replacement of traditional face ?€“ to ?€“ face, seat time learning. The main advantage of this type, of course, is that it has the amalgamation of the features of both faces ?€“ to ?€“face as well as online learning. The main motive to integrate these two form of learning is that the students can reinforce, complement, and elaborate one another, instead of treating the online component as an add-on or duplicate of what is taught in the classroom. This is a form of learning where students get a mixture of online and on-campus resources. It becomes advantageous for both the students as well as the teachers as the students who are leaving at a reasonable distance from the campus can experience the flexibility that comes with the online classroom attendance. By mixing the online and in-person classes and institutions can balance the convenience and accessibility of online attendance and other resources like interacting with professors, libraries, fellow classmates, etc. These types of courses bring innovation in learning the schedule and the structure of the class varies from one to another._x000D_