Eliminate the bad odour and make the life fresh that smells better
Feb, 05

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Eliminate the bad odour and make the life fresh that smells better


The best way to bring freshness into life is to let the bad odor make its way out and open the doors for a sweet and pleasant smell that makes the life happening._x000D_
To start the morning with a pleasant smell surrounding yourself makes a healthy and happy start of the day that brings lots of energy into one's life. Involving a fresh and lovely fragrance is very important as soon as the brain smells well there will be immediate memories and the pleasant smell makes the distressed mood filled with happiness. It is very difficult to get the mood in the right order to stay healthy mentally as well as physically. A smart way is to use air finance to eliminate bad odor is to make the surrounding environment ran finance and fresh. Good quality air fresheners at work, home, car or bathrooms will be important to fight with bad odors and make yourself feel fresh. Using air fresheners at home keeps you away from unpleasant odors guests visiting makes them happy and delighted, using in-car make your drive happier, at work keeps you energized while working. There are a variety of such air freshener products that are present in the market are Spray/Aerosol, Blocks, Pocket blocks, Zippers, Electric/Automatic, Gel, liquid, Candle, etc. An increase in demand for high-end lifestyles and luxury in everyday lives provides a lucrative opportunity for the use of air fresheners in an extensive manner. The need for luxury has increased at a rapid pace owing to the rise in the disposable income of individuals. Moreover, bad odor in hospitals or healthcare centers due to chemicals and bacterial infections has fueled the demand for air fresheners. In the near future, these areas would be prime opportunity areas for the growth of the air freshener industry. _x000D_
Air Care in India has seen a significant metamorphosis, from a segment consisting of small, localized, unbranded players, and where traditional offerings like incense and dhoops held unrivaled monopoly in the air fragrances market to a fast-growing household accessories market, which is seeing an influx of new brands, huge investments, product innovations, and product category extensions. The market has been growing at a robust rate over the last few years with a healthy CAGR of above 12%. This growth has let a lot of Indian, as well as international players, have entered this nascent market with various offerings like sprays/aerosols, electric air fresheners, gels, candles, car fresheners, room and bathroom fresheners along with many innovative technologies such as zipper, pocket blocks, Bluetooth enabled electric/automatic sprays, etc. that have kindled competition in this category. Adaption of the products have grown at a much faster rate in these sectors because of the awareness of better sanitation and make the surrounding smell better. The Three segments of the market Car, Bathroom and Room have been giving neck to neck competition to each other where room segments have recorded a great adaption rate in the last couple of years. _x000D_
The top players in the market are developing a strong distribution network to make the product reachable to each and every corner of the country. The distribution channel or channels selected can dictate what the rest of the marketing strategy would be, as they influence the buyer directly. Some of these players with their top brands are Godrej with Aer, Dabur with Odonil, Reckitt Benckiser with its product Air wick. Presently, the most preferred channel of distribution of the products has been through general trade but the ease in online shopping has caught the attention of leaders and they have started pushing their products through this route. Consumers are getting aware of the sanitation and the freshness in their surrounding which is making them extend their foot towards the adaption of air fresheners. increase in consumers?€™ willingness to use premium air fresheners drives the growth of the air freshener market._x000D_