India Chips Snacks market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 9% in forecasted period: Actual Market Research
Nov, 30

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India Chips Snacks market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 9% in forecasted period: Actual Market Research


"For long, chips and wafers have been the most preferred snacking option on varied occasions (and, well, even non-occasions). The road to how each snacking variant was developed and distributed (largely by multinational companies) across markets has been exciting. But what takes longer is for a multinational to innovate and provide localised flavours an opportunity that local chips manufacturers have latched onto in India."_x000D_
According the report on 'India Chips Snacks Market Overview, 2018-2023' published by Actual Market Research, the overall market of Chips is expected to rise up to more than 9% in the forecast year 2022-23, Chips Market of India is Classified into Potato Chips, Banana Chips , Multigrain Chips, Tortilla Chips and others Chips. Potato Chips are well Known Category of Chips Market Contributing more than 80% of the total Market followed by Banana Chips Market. On Other hand, tortilla Chips (Nachos) is Premium Category of Chips market. With the entry of Doritos and Too Yumm the market will more competitive in forecasted period. Slowly and steadily, local and regional brands have made their place on the store shelf and eventually, the kitchen shelf. And the distribution is something to speak of from kiosks and carts at railway stations to the neighbourhood paan-wala, local chips brands are everywhere. Growth will come from rising disposable incomes, Changing lifestyles, product innovation, and strengthening of distribution to have better selling opportunities in lower tier cities and rural areas. _x000D_
A busy lifestyle coupled with long working hours have forced people to shift from elaborate luncheons and meals to desk snacks and packaged foods. Snack companies are branching out from original recipes and launching line extensions that deliver interesting ingredients, flavours and textures to consumers looking for new experiences or alternative ingredients for health reasons. The major players ruling the packaged Chips market in India are, PepsiCo ?€“ the market leader with its Lay?€™s, Uncle Chips and Doritos brands Haldiram, Balaji Wafers (Balaji), Parle (Hippo, Parle), ITC (Bingo), Bikaji, Bikanervala, Prataap Snacks (Yellow Diamond), and DMF (CRAX) amongst others. Apart from these, there are a large number of regional players doing wonders in their respective territories and exporting globally._x000D_
Major Companies_x000D_
Major brands that operate into India Namkeen market are Haldiram, Balaji Wafers, Bikaji, Bikanervala, Laxmi Snacks, Parle, DFM Foods, Prataap Snacks, PepsiCo and others etc._x000D_
Report: India Chips Market Overview, 2018-2023_x000D_
Base Year: 2017-18, Estimated Year: 2018-19, Forecast Year: 2022-23_x000D_
Pages: 60, Figures: 27, Tables: 7._x000D_