Fight between the two giants to capture the riper part of the tomato ketchup market in India: Maggi vs. Kissan- Actual Market Research
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Fight between the two giants to capture the riper part of the tomato ketchup market in India: Maggi vs. Kissan- Actual Market Research


The two multi-nationals are competing close to gain the bigger pie of the tomato ketchup market in India, in which the Swiss multinational seems to have captured a bigger share owing to the privilege of its brand name, whereas HUL has the weapon of wider portfolio in terms of flavours available. _x000D_
Tomato ketchup is a very popular condiment made from tomatoes, vinegar, sweeteners, and salt. The India Ketchup and Pizza & Pasta Sauce market consists of tomato ketchup and pizza & pasta sauces. The tomato ketchup and sauces includes tomato ketchup and sauces like regular ketchup, hot and sweet ketchup, no onion no garlic ketchup and other unique ketchups like sweet and sour ketchup, chilli tomato sauce, Chatakedaar, sweet and spicy sauce, etc. This market is primarily driven by the growing demand for fast food and increasing number of QSRs across the country._x000D_
According the report on 'India Tomato Ketchup and Pizza & Pasta Sauces Market Outlook, 2023' published by Actual Market Research, currently, the market for tomato ketchups and sauces is anticipated to reach to more than INR 2000 crores. The major companies in this market are Swiss company Nestle with its brand Maggi, which holds a lion share of more than a third of share in the market, Hindustan Unilever Limited with its brand Kissan, that holds a share of more than a quarter of the market and G.D. Foods with Tops brand. These three companies together hold the market share of more than three-fourth of the total market of ketchup and sauces._x000D_
Nestle offers 8 different types of sauces and ketchups like regular tomato ketchup, No Onion No Garlic (NONG) ketchup, Rich Tomato and Hot & Sweet (Tomato Chilli) under the brand Maggi. The Maggi sauce is leading the market, because of its brand name. In India, Maggi has been a household name since the coming of Maggi noodles. The fresh tomato ketchup of 950 ml, priced INR 82 in the pouch form is the most sold ketchup in the ketchup portfolio of Maggi presently. _x000D_
Hindustan Unilever Limited?€™s brand ?€?Kissan?€™ offers 19 different types of sauces in India like Chotu ketchup, Twist Sweet & Spicy Sauce, Fresh Tomato Ketchup, Squeezo Chilli Tomato Ketchup, No Onion No Garlic (NONG) Ketchup, Twist Chilli Tomato Sauce, Chatakdaar Ketchup, etc. Kissan?€™s primary focus in products has been on wider portfolio in terms of flavors available to the consumer. Because the target audience of Kissan is mothers of small children of middle class families for whom price plays an important role in the buying decision of a product, the penetration pricing strategy is used by the company. Kissan being part of HUL, spends heavy amount in marketing of the brand with its focus on the ingredients used in its products. Kissan is widely advertised through various marketing channels such as TV adverts, Print media, retail outlets and newspapers. Pichku, which is a 90 ml pouch priced INR 15._x000D_
Major Companies_x000D_
Major companies that operate into the Tomato Ketchup and Pizza & Pasta Sauces market in India are Nestle India Limited, Hindustan Unilever Ltd. (HUL), Heinz India Pvt. Ltd., Capital Foods, FieldFresh Foods Pvt. Ltd., Dr. Oetker India Pvt. Ltd., Veeba Food Services Pvt. Ltd., Cremica Food Industries Pvt. Ltd., Bajoria Foods Pvt. Ltd., Scandic Foods India Pvt. Ltd., Wingreen Farms Pvt. Ltd., G.D. Foods Manufacturing (India) Pvt. Ltd., Everest Beverages & Food Industries, Suresh Kumar & Co. (Impex) Pvt. Ltd._x000D_
Report: India Tomato Ketchup and Pizza & Pasta Sauces Market Outlook, 2023_x000D_
Base Year: 2016-17, Estimated Year: 2017-18, Forecast Year: 2022-23_x000D_
Pages: 129, Figures: 32, Tables: 24_x000D_