Brandy holds more than 15% of market share in Indian Alcoholic beverages market -Actual Market Research
Jul, 02

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Brandy holds more than 15% of market share in Indian Alcoholic beverages market -Actual Market Research



Despite being not so popular in many regions of India, Brandy holds the second place in Indian Alcoholic beverages market. The only ahead of Brandy is Whisky which occupies more than 1/3rd of the Indian alcoholic beverages market.

According to report "India Brandy Market Overview, 2018-2023" published by Actual Market Research, Brandy is the second most consumed drink in Indian alcoholic beverages market with a market share of more than 15%. The Indian brandy market size by volume was around 48 million cases in year 2011-12. Brandy primarily being a winter drink which provides warmness to your body on consumption is surprisingly not much consumed the cold region of India in northern and eastern states having severe winters and is mostly consumed in southern states. Southern states account for more than 2/3rd of total brandy consumption. The past few years observed changing preferences of Indian consumers were traditional whisky consumers have started consuming brandy for a change of taste and to have some more heavy dose of alcohol. With growing popularity of brandy in North and other region the Indian brandy market is expected to achieve new heights in near future.

Brandy in many regions is promoted as a medicine for many common diseases. Many researches have stated that a moderate consumption of Brandy can Boosts Immune System, Induces Sleep, Improves Heart Health, Treats Cancer, treats cold and cough, etc. While few researchers deny many of the above benefits. Still the quantity required to be consumed for many of the above disease and its consumption patterns are unknown. While over consumption of Brandy could lead to Hangover, can damage your liver, kidney, heart, and other organs, create alcohol addiction which would hinder your psychological health as well as nervous system.

Brandy ranks second after whisky in Alcoholic Beverages market despite not much awareness in north, west and eastern states of India. This is due to very high consumption of brandy in the south region. Tamil Nadu is observed to the most brandy consuming state of India. With Increasing popularity of south movies in other regions of India the popularity and awareness of Brandy is also increasing in other states. While promotion of brandy forbetter health and cure may also boost the consumption.With increasing consumption in other states brandy market expects a bright market in near future and the market share of brandy is expected to further increase in Indian alcoholic beverages market.