Online sales is expected to turn out to be an effective sales channel in the coming years: Actual Market Research
Dec, 01

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Online sales is expected to turn out to be an effective sales channel in the coming years: Actual Market Research


Increasing pollution, higher disposable income, increasing purchasing power of the customers, growing awareness among the people, people concentrating more on the health factor are some of the driving forces in the Air Purifier market in China. According to recently published report of Actual Market Research "China Air Purifier Market Outlook, 2021" air purifier is an emerging market in China. Due to rising level of air pollution, increasing health consciousness among consumers and growing awareness about air purifiers, China is emerging as an attractive market for air purifiers. Commercial and industrial hubs in China like Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, etc., are the major target markets for air purifier companies in the country. Rising health concerns, changing consumer lifestyle and increasing disposable income are boosting the adoption of air purifiers in China. An air purifier is an appliance that minimizes the concentration of airborne contaminants in a designated area according to the specifications of the particular product. Purifiers aid to clean indoor air, which is helpful to people who suffer from allergies, asthma, chemical sensitivity, and other respiratory-related symptoms. Air purifier models are normally categorized based on their cleaning technology: HEPA filtration, electrostatic precipitation, and negative ion generation. Most of the air purifier brands use a combination of these technologies. In addition to airborne particles, some air purifier lines also have technologies, like ultraviolet light, which remove viruses, bacteria, fungi, volatile organic compounds, odors, and some gaseous chemicals. Many leading brands are introducing air purifier models for capturing share in the market Sales channel also poses as an important factor in the sales of the air purifier market in China. Offline and online sales is the two sales channel which are applicable for sales all over the world. Traditionally, people trusted more on the offline sales but with e-commerce growing with a robust pace all over the world the scenario is expected to change soon in the coming years. Back in 2014, the offline sales accounted for 70% of the China air purifier market and the balance is covered by the online sales in China. With the increasing awareness and the increasing use of air purifiers in the residential sector the online sales is expected to increase in the coming years. Overseas brands own 60% of the market. Sharp, Philips and Blueair are the top three brands on Jingdong Mall, a big online retailer. The people are gradually getting conscious about the ever increasing pollution that is governing the China air purifier market. The offline sales are projected to account for 55% of the China air purifier market in the coming five years. 2013 foreign brands of air purifiers online sales prices have experienced varying degrees of improvement, with an average growth rate of 69 percent year on year. Among them, the Samsung air purifier online prices rose 113%, Mo Ruier online prices rose 83 percent, and Sharp?€™s online prices rose 52 percent. From the market structure, the current air purifier market showing a "two big middle small" state. On the one hand, in the field of high-end products, foreign brand with its strong brand appeal to attract consumers; on the other hand, some small domestic brands the price to win and rely on low prices to attract consumers.