Projectors with LCD technology to dominate the India Projector Market by 2019: Actual Market Research
Nov, 01

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Projectors with LCD technology to dominate the India Projector Market by 2019: Actual Market Research


A Projector is a device designed to take an image from a video source and project it as realistically as possible onto a screen or other surface. Ideal for delivering lectures and presentations to large groups, as well as watching movies and other videos, projectors can be found in a array of environments, including classrooms, conference rooms, and even home theaters. Gone are the days when projectors were merely for official use and screening movies at theatre. Now Indians are using projectors at home, office, school for leisure, work, studies, and so-on. These new change in the users is giving a new picture to the projectors trend in India. According to recently published report of Actual Market Research "India Projector Market Outlook, 2019", the technology used in projectors can generally be broken down into two types viz. transmissive or reflective. Because LCD projectors pass light through the LCD panels rather than bouncing it away, they are considered a transmissive medium. A DLP projector uses mirrors to direct the light in an image, so it is considered to be reflective. Both the technologies, LCD and DLP have an almost equal market share by volume in India with DLP technology slightly ahead. However, LCD projectors are soon expected to overtake the DLP ones and will dominate the market by 2019. DLP projectors require less maintenance than LCD projectors as they have a filter-free and sealed chip design, which means dust can?€™t settle on the chip and cause an image spot. This is the reason why they were more popular in the last decade. However, only the chip is sealed, other components are not, so dust can settle on the color wheel and affect image quality. This proved to be a major disadvantage coupled with the poor viewing range. Also, most DLP projectors are not readily compatible with zoom lenses or lens shift functions and so are best suited to smaller environments only. On the other hand, LCD projector has numerous benefits as compared to DLP and CRT projector types. When compared to the DLP projectors, they are much cheaper. The cost of a liquid crystal display projector can cost around Rs.18, 000 and more based on the features it possesses. Though the DLP projectors also provide sharp images, the LCD ones are better in comparison. While there were problems in projecting sharper images previously, technological advancements have reduced the trouble to a great extent. The presence of zoom lens makes it easier to further zoom the image formed on the screen. It is also possible to digitally adjust the images. Moreover, LCD projector provides the benefit of less power consumption which is considered to be very crucial for any electrical equipment. These projectors can also be easily installed in any place hence are flexible while the other projector types are a bit less flexible. Owing to all such advantages over other technologies, LCD has become a hot trend in the projector industry which will soon outdate the DLP type projectors from the market.